Why Do You Take Pain Killers?

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“Why Do You Take Pain Killers?” by Kitty Kavenaugh

I found this marvelous essay by Kitty Kavenaugh, which luckily encourages sharing it, so here it is:

Most of my friends know that I take oxycodone (Targin, the slow-release version, and then quick-release Oxynorm for break-through pain). They know that I need it in order to control my pain and they know that using it doesn’t make me a drug addict. They get that there’s a difference.

But every now and then, a relatively new friend will make some direct or indirect comment about how I shouldn’t be taking it. Their body language changes. They become tense across the shoulders and lean back a little, suddenly sceptical of my character. After several such encounters over the past few weeks, I feel compelled to explain why I take pain medication, what it means for me and to dispel some myths about opioids…

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2 thoughts on “Why Do You Take Pain Killers?

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Joy. It really is good to find others that get the issues I’m facing, even if their conditions aren’t exactly the same.

    By the way– I’m waiting on insurance to approve surgery, specifically a laminectomy to remove a bone spur on one of my vertebrae and part of the disc. I’ve got another nerve root that’s getting pinched…


    • When I see all your crud, which I too have every single one including the bone spurs, I decided to try to figure out if you had EDS. I cannot see many photos of you, but of the 2, I do see flat nose bridge, nearsightedness, same lip shape as us. But then I saw an article about EDS on your blog and though, well good, she must not have it.
      Just to be really sure though: can you bend your pinkie back 90°?


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