I’m Back!

I suppose it’s time for me to write a new post. I know that it has been a while and that many of you have been worried about me. I am truly sorry for any of you who have worried. My life…mostly my personal life…has been a wreck for a while now. For that reason I needed some time away from blogging to think about things and to process what I’ve been through. I am very sorry, but I still am not ready to touch on that subject in any more detail than I already have.

Health-wise I suppose I have been doing ok. The emotional stress that I have been through has been challenging and has of course taken somewhat of a toll on my physical well-being. However, I suppose that all in all I am doing well. I stopped taking the Lyrica and I am now taking a medication called Gralise which is an extended release version of gabapentin. At first I was worried about side effects since many of you have had trouble taking gabapentin, but so far I have been doing well with it. It is helping much more than the Lyrica and after a month I still haven’t noticed any side effects. I have however been having a lot of trouble with my teeth. I went undiagnosed for a very long time with hypoparathyroidism which broken down in simple terms is an extreme deficiency of Vitamin D. That deficiency causes the body to actually take calcium from the teeth and bones for use elsewhere. I have been on a huge dose of Vitamin D which has helped to regulate the parathyroid gland, but since it went undiagnosed for so long my teeth have really taken a beating.  I have several teeth that have broken off at the gum line and others that are on their way to doing the same.  Although I have medical insurance, I don’t have dental insurance.  So, getting my teeth taken out and dentures made (which makes me sick to have to do at my age) just isn’t on the table right now. The cost is very high and I have more things that I need to worry about right now. The problem with that is that I am in extreme pain from the exposed nerves in my mouth.

I have an appointment with pain management today and I will hopefully be able to explain all of this to them. Hopefully together we can come up with some plan to manage the pain until I can save up the money to have the dental work done.  It’s strange that my mouth hurts more right now than the pain from the adhesions and/or fibro.  I will try to keep writing and let you all know how everything goes, but I am still not ready to write every day.  I do however promise to do my best to not only get back  to writing, but to go back and read everyone’s posts that I have missed out on. I still have them all in my inbox just waiting to be read.  You have all been so supportive of me since I started this blog and I am sorry that I haven’t been around to be equally supportive to all of you.

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