Why Do You Take Pain Killers?

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“Why Do You Take Pain Killers?” by Kitty Kavenaugh

I found this marvelous essay by Kitty Kavenaugh, which luckily encourages sharing it, so here it is:

Most of my friends know that I take oxycodone (Targin, the slow-release version, and then quick-release Oxynorm for break-through pain). They know that I need it in order to control my pain and they know that using it doesn’t make me a drug addict. They get that there’s a difference.

But every now and then, a relatively new friend will make some direct or indirect comment about how I shouldn’t be taking it. Their body language changes. They become tense across the shoulders and lean back a little, suddenly sceptical of my character. After several such encounters over the past few weeks, I feel compelled to explain why I take pain medication, what it means for me and to dispel some myths about opioids…

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