Identity Crisis

Ok, so obviously I’m having an identity crisis.  I think I have changed my template and background three or four times over the past two days.  I just can’t make up my mind.  I have been looking for one that would have a large font, but at the same time still have the sidebar.  I also couldn’t decide between the pink camouflage (hey, I’m a country girl!), a basic color, or my newest, a Christmas-themed one.  I have decided on the Christmas-themed since I have been trying to get more in the Christmas spirit.  

So, what do you guys think (assuming you have witnessed my craziness)?  This is my favorite so far.  It gives me a bigger font plus sidebar and you can still see what I write AND the background.  I’m taking your suggestions as always!



23 thoughts on “Identity Crisis

  1. It looks very nice. I like this one. It’s funny you all of a sudden showed up in my notifications because I’ve been tearing up the place looking for your blog. I had those 4 good days, so you know I now have to pay the price so I’ve not been on much at all for the past few days. I’ve been awake, except for maybe an hour, all night and getting ready to go to sleep here right soon. Thought I better find you and let you know what was going on. You doing ok, girl?


      • I read and commented on your “My Crazy Week”. Lord, woman! What are you trying to do? Kill yourself? You better slow it way down, sister girl! Miss Sassy at your service. LOL 🙂


        • I had no choice. My body decided for me, though. I’ve been in bed all day today (got about 3 hrs. sleep last night). I have PT tomorrow, but with my old therapist (I’ve missed her soooo much) and I know she’ll help. She has magic hands. Then I don’t have anything until next week, but I only have one appt. per day, so I can handle that.


          • That’s sounds much better. I only have one appointment tomorrow, too. None today and I’ve been in bed all day paying the price of a few good days, but I’m on this new positive kick, and for today, since I only live in the moment, I’ve been coping pretty well, reminding myself that this too shall pass and there will be more good days ahead. Pretty good for me considering the pain I’m in, I can’t even get comfortable enough to go to sleep, but I must try. I’m determined to stay out of that dark hole, this time.


          • Well, you can stop worrying about me, until further notice. LOL I’m looking forward to our phone chat. I’m about to go into withdrawals, girl. We are gonna be on the phone for hours, that’s ok with me, if that’s ok with you. We got our “private issues” to discuss, ain’t that right?:) Couple of wild thangs runnin’ around. It’s probably a good thing there is some distance between us, but visits will be nice when we can get well enough and afford it, which may be never. LOL I sure hope not.
            Peace and gentle hugs my dear friend,
            Wild Thang 🙂


          • You never know what might happen. I hope that things get better soon (I still can’t bear the thought of this being forever) and I can go for a visit. I too am looking forward to our chat, but I might have to start calling Friday night in order to talk to you on Saturday (you are the worst at answering your phone!) but that’s ok because when you finally do answer we have a good time (5 mph ROTFL 😂)!


          • well, I sleep a lot, usually, except not last night.and I don’t carry my phone around the house with me and when I’m asleep, I’m out cold, usually and it could ring all day and I wouldn’t hear a thing. I know, I’m very unpredictable, but in the end it’s right, I hope you had the time of your life. Just a little song by Green Day. Now, mam. you did not listen to mama Wild Thang. My friend is coming over to visit on Saturday and will most likely be here all day and into the evening because I’m hoping she’s going to watch the KU basketball game with me that comes on at 7, I think. Yes, I like that 5mph ROTFL that was a good one, wasn’t it? After all these years it still makes me laugh. Goodnight girl. I got to get some sleep. I finally fell asleep around 6:30 p.m. tonight and then Dan called me when he was on his way home from work and woke me up. That’s ok, though. I’m very tired and I’m pretty sure Wild Thang is gonna be sleeping tonight and shit, I just remembered that tomorrow is Dan’s birthday, so we probably won’t get to talk until Sunday for shit sakes.


          • Sunday it is, then. Mark your calendar, highlight, stars, whatever. I will call you on Sunday. Wish Dan a Happy Birthday for me and enjoy the look of sheer bewilderment on his face. My gift to you!


          • thank you, bestie. me and you, partners in crime, forever and ever, amen! I am just typing as fast as I can and I have no idea how many more to go. I’m worn out.:)


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