My Crazy Week

This week has been one hell of a week and it’s not even over yet!  Monday I called my Ob/Gyn pelvic pain specialist to get the ultrasound done that I needed to see what has been making me hurt so bad.  The doctor not only got me in same day, he actually saw me and did trigger point injections too.  Turns out that I do not have a cyst, but do have a urinary tract infection.  That’s funny because last week when I went to my GP he made no comment on the urinalysis and did not prescribe any antibiotics.  On Monday, however it was so bad that I was barely able to give them a sample.  I’m talking it is so bad now that I had to go twice so that they had enough to use and then ended up with not one, but two types of antibiotic.  No wonder I have been hurting so bad.  It’s a shame, because I thought that this GP was going to be a good one. My psychologist said that part of the problem is that general practitioners are used to seeing most all of their patients on a yearly or biyearly basis.  They are not used to “trouble” patients like the specialists are.  She also said that next time I thought I might have a UTI to go to the drugstore and they sell UTI tests…like pregnancy tests.  Damnedest thing I ever heard!  How did I not know about this?  That way, you take the test and then when you call the doctor you can tell him that you already took a test at home and it was positive. Huh.  Either way, I guess it’s time I started looking for a new GP.

So after my visit with the Ob/Gyn, I had an appointment with pain management.  Well, wouldn’t you know it there was a wreck on the interstate and traffic was completely stopped. I had to go back through downtown and on backroads to get to the doctors office.  Turns out they have a fifteen minute policy that once you are more than fifteen minutes late they can (and usually do) reschedule the appointment.  Hellfire!  I was 45 minutes late.  They rescheduled me for Tuesday.

Tuesday I got my check so I was running around all morning trying to get all of my bills paid before my appointments that day.  I was still hurting at around an 8-9 and I had close to no pain medication because it was supposed to have been filled the day before.  I was completely miserable, but I thought to myself “I’m going to plaster a smile on my face (even if it’s fake) and get done what has to be done.”  I got my errands taken care of (barely) and high-tailed it to physical therapy.  Oh yes.  I had physical therapy that day with no pain meds.  Shit.  The physical therapist knew there was a problem as soon as she saw me (maybe I’m loosing my touch and my “everything’s fine” face just isn’t cutting it).  I told her about the UTI and the pain meds situation and she didn’t make me do any exercises, just did light soft tissue stuff (light my ass it hurt!) and put me on heating pads.

After the appointment with PT I hight-tailed it to pain management (I did a bunch of high-tailing that day…where did that expression come from anyway?)  I got there and was only 10 minutes late (woo-hoo!).  I was seen and we adjusted my medication…so we’ll see how it works out now.  She upped one to 3 times a day instead of two and decreased the other to 3 times a day instead of 4.  She also decided that we would try another procedure, but on a different set of nerves than last time.  I have to be finished with my antibiotics, though, so I can’t have it done for a couple of weeks…I’ll let you know how that goes.

Today I REALLY wanted to stay in bed, but I had an appointment with my psychologist – hence her telling me about the cool UTI test.  It went well.  Since I had cancelled last week, I had to catch her up on everything that has been going on.  She gave me some really good advice and I kind of didn’t follow it (really long story and I’m not in the mood to discuss it today).  I feel like I’ve let her down.  I really need to work on not feeling so guilty all of the time and trying to people please.  What can I say, I’m a work in progress.

After my therapy session I stopped by the grocery store.  As I was grabbing the last few things I needed, my body decided that it had had enough.  I was holding on to that shopping cart for dear life, praying that I could just get out of there and get home.  I don’t know if my muscles just gave up on me or if they all spasmed at once, and I was EXTREMELY sleepy.  The drive home I had the steering wheel gripped so tight my knuckles were white, I was praying to get home without killing myself or someone else, and I just kept saying to myself “come on, Joy, you can do it, you can make it.”  I did make it home safely.  I got the bags out of the car (it took every ounce of strength I could muster) and got in the house.  I put the few cold things in the refrigerator, I laid down and I literally passed out for a couple of hours.  I am so glad that I have nothing to do tomorrow.  I can spend all day recuperating from the past few days. I am thoroughly enjoying that idea!


8 thoughts on “My Crazy Week

  1. I have been worried about you! I haven’t seen you on the blog for awhile. I am so sorry you are having to suffer so much. I hope and pray you get healed from your bladder infection quickly! (I never heard of those little UTI’s either! :D) Also, I hope the doctors and PT’s help you get to a more pain-free life! Hugs!!


    • Thank you for worrying about me. I am ok, just didn’t want to have another Debbie Downer post. I think things will be better now that I have the right medicine. Also, one of the reasons I didn’t go to the ER was because I felt like they would dismiss my concerns after seeing my medication list. My therapist told me that any time I need to go to the ER to just call the office, tell them which ER I will be going to and my worries, and they will call to confirm with them that I am in complete compliance not only with my medications but with them and am not drug-seeking. Problem solved!


  2. Hmmmm………………….that sounds like a very familiar lifestyle. I was so happy when I was done with physical therapy because that cut out 3 appointments per week. You better slow it down, girl.


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