On the Road to Recovery

I am feeling much better today. The antibiotics have kicked in and I am on the road to recovery! I had PT today, but it was with my old therapist. For those who don’t know, she got a (better) job offer and took it. I was unable to follow her because the place she works now doesn’t accept my insurance. Well, she has started working for a few hours on Fridays just for her patients who she can’t see at her new job (like me!). I have missed her so much. She knew my body so well that I could go in and she would ask where I was hurting and fix it! Even after all this time I walked in and she asked, “So, where are you hurting today?”

Since I am feeling a little better (and I wanted to take advantage of her being the one to work with me) I told her about how my hips have been bothering me. She was like “bursitis?” And touched the exact place where I have been hurting so bad. I almost came off the table it hurt so bad (that would have been funny though). So she tortured me for an hour (it’s ok, I always feel better later) and then she put a steroid patch on one of my hips. She said that if it helped, it was probably bursitis. I was not happy to hear that, even though I had no idea what bursitis was before today except it was what older people said was bothering them anytime the weather changed. I was thinking ‘damn, now I have the old person’s illness’. Yes, I do realize how dumb that was, but I thought it, what can you do?

The thing is, she used to make whatever was hurting better. Don’t get me wrong, she’s rough. But maybe that’s what it takes sometimes. My new therapist doesn’t do that. First of all she doesn’t do much manual stuff (she seems more worried about my bone alignment than my soft tissue) but even when she does, it doesn’t help. Sometimes it makes it worse. I don’t know why that is considering she was the one who trained my old therapist. Student out-learning the teacher, maybe. Or maybe she is just so swamped with the old therapist gone that she isn’t concentrating 100%. Whatever the case, I will be able to see therapist #1 whenever she’s able to go, which makes me feel better.

So, basically I am sore (which I can do sore…it’s different than PAIN) but happy. It was good to see my old friend and caregiver again. Tomorrow should be even better assuming history repeats itself 😉.



7 thoughts on “On the Road to Recovery

  1. I’ve found that despite having the same education, all therapists are not the same. I’ve had good therapists, bad therapists, and a few really fabulous therapists who were willing to research if they didn’t have enough info about Fibro and MPS. Once you find a good one try to hang on with all your might ;)!!


    • She is actually an independent contractor at her new job, so she said she’s going to ask the people she works with one more time to consider accepting my insurance (she has asked before). If they still refuse, she said that she was going to call my insurance company (she has other patients besides me that she can’t see at the new place) and see if they would work with just her. Since she works semi-independently from the group, they might consider covering services for just her. That’s why she’s started coming back is just to see the ones she can’t see there 😊.


  2. Sore is always something we can ‘handle’ I have seen people fall to the floor crying from stubbing a toe, and I think boy if you can’t handle a stubbed toe, you wouldn’t last one day in my body. Glad everything worked out with your caregiver. Have a good Saturday


    • I know, right!?! I’ve seen someone twist their ankle (which isn’t even swollen) and then say they are a 15 on the pain scale…please! They have no idea. I always tell my doctors when asked about my pain, that my 1-10 isn’t a normal person’s 1-10. I always want to make sure they understand that. I hope you have a good Saturday as well…but what did you want to talk about the other day?


      • we should talk about anything your heart desires, We are all here for each other right? that is the purpose of this blog? well after reading some blogs today I had to delete them from my following cuz they was just to far fetched or off the wall for me…lol…I think they was only out there for the shock factor and not even real life..lol..but anyways, if you ever need someone to really talk to, I have free long distance, I understand ALL YOUR PAIN and I do mean ALL YOUR PAIN, its not always that you come upon some one that has fibro,open wounds, wound vac experience and so on and so on, and everything that leads up to where we are today,So Please Please Please Feel free to Contact me as I have told WIld Thang…lol…I have really connected with the two of you, please feel free to get with me..I have no one else to talk to, I am here all alone, except for my computer and internet access and thank GOD for one of my Dr.s for mentioning blogging to me. Lord what a difference it has made in my life already.


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