My Day At Therapy

Of all my “therapies”, I believe that therapy sessions with the psychologist are the most difficult because they take the most out of me. A simple, one hour “talk” therapy can (and usually does) leave me completely and utterly exhausted. As hard as I try not to cry when I’m in the room with my therapist, she always finds a way to make the tears flow in sometimes uncontrollable currents. She is, for all intents and purposes, my main local support system. I was lucky to be placed with her. Because of medical issues of her own, she completely understands my frustration with (and sometimes distrust of) the medical system at large.

Today was no exception. I made it through a good 30 minutes of my weekly summary of events before she asked the dreaded question “but emotionally, how do you feel?”. At that point, as hard as I tried to control the tears, they came streaming down my face. And of course, once they started, they were hard to stop and continued for the rest of the session. I walked out of the office with red eyes, nose, and face. Not very attractive.

Exhausted and a little downtrodden I made my way home. A few hours later, I got a video call on Skype from my best friend. I kid you not, we talked for over 3 hours. She knows the real me, the in the bed with my hair in a ponytail, no make-up me. Not the façade that I put on when I go outside my house. We talked about life, about love, about pain. We laughed. For just a little while, I barely felt any pain at all. And, by the end of our talk-a-thon, I finally felt better. Thank you, Tammy for being a friend, a therapist, and one hell of a “Wild Thang”.



10 thoughts on “My Day At Therapy

  1. I’ve been to a psych before. I don’t know why, but I find them liberating. Actually, that’s a lie; I know precisely why I like them. It’s Cause I’m a raging narcissist, and I love talking about myself to anyone who’ll listen. But isn’t just talking to friends whom you can trust and be yourself with just the bees? Tis ever so refreshing.


  2. Talking with good friends breeds the best results. 🙂 I talk with my therapist every other week and she’s helpful to me. I had to cancel today because I’m so wiped out from volunteering for the past couple of days!


    • I’m sorry you’re tired…but at least you were able to volunteer. I know you enjoy doing that. Looking forward to my gloves!!! Maybe they’ll be here tomorrow. I have to agree with you. I enjoyed talking with Tammy much more than the therapist. Don’t get me wrong, I have a good one. But Tammy and I just laugh and laugh.


      • Laughter is the best medicine! 😉 and I hope that you’ll get your gloves tomorrow as well. They’re so comfy–I made myself a pair too. 🙂


  3. Joy, I shit you not. Either I’m losing it or it didn’t go through because I did read this post and I did comment and I don’t see my comment anywhere. For shit sakes. Yes, we had an awesome 3 hour chat, as always. 3 hours is about our average skype session and if you don’t recall, I wasn’t doing too well mentally or physically, either, before we skyped. We’re good medicine for each other. You were the better therapist that day, remember? You also know the real me, with no shower, no make up, in my sleepwear. The distraction is really incredible, other than me not being able to stay put for long, getting up and down, up and down, doubling over in pain a few times, but as long as I remain still and we’re just talking, laughing, crying whatever it is we need to do it really is helpful to both of us. We talked through wordpress a lot, then started having private conversation through our private emails when I suggested we skype and you were ok with it until I skype called you and said where are you, I can’t see you? You were very hesitant to let me see you because you said you hadn’t gone out and weren’t all gussied up. LOL that’s not the word you used, but you finally gave in and now after all of our talking before skyping and now skyping I feel like I really know you, it’s just like you’re sitting across the room from me. We truly have become best friends and when we finally get to meet in person, and we will, it won’t be awkward at all because I do know you. Until you actually see someone, it could be anyone on the other side that you’re talking to. I like to be very trusting, but these days you really do have to be very careful. I thank you, too, my dear friend. We always end up laughing no matter how bad we are at the start of our chat. I know I can talk to you about anything. I know I can trust you and you know some of my darkest secrets. And as far as that Wild Thang goes, you’re coming along just fine. I’m getting you trained and I’ve seen some changes already. LOL Gonna have to call you Wild Thang Jr. before ya know it. Sorry this took so long, but my mom called and we chatted for a few. Now I’m wanting to skype because i can clearly see I am not going to be sleeping any time soon. I love you, girl. Thank you for ALWAYS being here for me. Sorry about the few times you needed me and I wasn’t available. I am going to skype you in just a minute. I need to do something real quick. I hope you are still awake. And you’re getting the real me today. In the bed, no make up, hair sticking straight up in the air. Mine’s not long enough to pull back and it won’t get any longer because my hair is so fine and thin, it breaks off. Talk to you in a minute.
    Wild Thang:)


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