Late Night Ramblings

Apparently I am having knee surgery tomorrow.  They dropped it on me today that it will be tomorrow.  I am absolutely not worried about my knee.  If I can handle abdominal surgery…many abdominal surgeries, the knee is a piece of cake.  I’m even supposed to be going to therapy the very next day (which is how I happened to find out that surgery is tomorrow…the therapist called to set up my appointment for Wednesday…how funny is that?)  I am actually glad that it is being done so soon.  There have been changes made to my insurance that go into effect on October 1 (a whole other post topic) so I am glad they are doing it before then.

Anyway, it is late and I can’t eat after 12 so that means I better get something in my tummy fast!  Plus, I need my rest before tomorrow…tomorrow…I still can’t believe it.  Anyway, sorry to Tammy for not giving her any warning (Sorry my adhesion sister!) but that’s life…well, that’s what people say… lol! that made me think of that song.  Now it’s going to be stuck in my head for a while.  I guess there are worse songs that could be stuck in your head…like “The Wheels on the Bus” or “A Hundred Bottles of Beer” or even worse yet “Row Row Row Your Boat” because you try to do the second and third parts in your head and then it just gets complicated.  Oh, and you’re welcome I mean, I’m sorry if now you have silly kid songs stuck in your head (hahahaha).

Sorry people.  I don’t know where that rant came from. Problem is that most of these posts I just sit and type and let the spell checker catch things for me.  That leaves you dealing with the circles that form my thought processes.  I am however co-writing a post with another blogger that I think you will like.  It is taking a bit longer because, well, when you work with someone you don’t want to let them down so you check and re-check…well, I do anyway.  Actually I got most of it written pretty fast (hey, I can only sit up for like 2 hrs at a time max…I have to take advantage of that time). The difficult part is fitting his writings into what I wrote and do it in a logical manner.  That’s where my perfectionism comes in.  That, also, is a topic for another day.  You guys know how long winded I can be…I’m just trying to save your eyes from looking at the screen for too long.  And it gives me ideas to write about later.  Usually when I don’t write, that is why…I have nothing new to say that you haven’t already heard i.e. I’m tired/hurting/frustrated with M-/going or just got back from the doctor…(I think you get the idea).”

So, this time I really mean it when I say goodnight.  Wish me luck.  I am already dreading the crutches.  Those things will wear you out before you know it…and that’s when you’re not worn out all the time anyway.  I should only have to use them for a few days, but still…

Goodnight friends.