Please See Me


Why do you see what you think you see?
When all I want is for you to see me.

Feeling so alone when you’re right next to me
That’s just wrong…don’t you agree?

There are people in this world who really deal with addiction
Why group me with them based on a prescription?

Do I really look like an addict to you?
How can you possibly believe this to be true?

I am very responsible with these meds that I don’t even want to take,
But every single argument is based on judgements you have no right to even make.

To you I am nothing but a lazy bum
To me I am strong to have carried this pain and sickness for so long.

Why is it that you can’t see
How hard it is just to be me?


12 thoughts on “Please See Me

  1. A lovely poem and I could feel you pouring out your soul. I haven’t been commenting as much as I would like to recently but it was wonderful to read this post from you. I hope that you are hanging in there as best as you can. 🙂


    • I’m hanging in there. Things are a little tense at home, but pain-wise I’m doing better. My foot is better so that’s good. It still hurts enough to mask my other pains, but no so much that I can’t handle it. Thank you for commenting.

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  2. *sigh* I’m sorry to read that this is still an attitude you have to deal with. I’d say I’d trade you as Cimmy gets what I have to deal with, but… health care for me right now is sucking much ass. There’s a bright spot in my dietician (I have diabetes 2 now) and *maybe* my MH advocate, but everyone else is rather fumbling hard.


    • I hate to hear that. On that end of things, I’m very lucky. I have a great team of doctors who support me and do their best to make sure that I’m well taken care of. I suppose all of us have our difficulties dealing with a chronic illness, whether they’re personal or with the very doctors who are supposed to be taking care of them. I hope things get better for you. And don’t forget that it’s ok to get second or third opinions if you feel that you aren’t getting the care you need.


      • I know, Joy, but my options have always been limited due to M & M (Medicare & Medicaid).

        I’m cutting off the pain clinic soon– but won’t be able to see a new pain specialist until November.


          • That’s the plan, yes.

            What’s frustrating is that the office staff are incompetent. They have been fumbling for near two months just to arrange some Novocaine epidural shots (it’s for pain diagnostics). And this isn’t the first time. I wish I could have ended things sooner but, it wasn’t an option.


          • I can understand that. My pain doc is great, but the rest of the staff, especially reception and scheduling, lack much to be desired. It’s hard to even get anyone to answer the phone. But, I trade that for an understanding doctor. Just hope that nothing happens where I have an emergency and have to call in. Then I would be in trouble.


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