Happy Birthday to Me :)

Image credit: http://birthdayb.com

Image credit: http://birthdayb.com

Today was my birthday. This year, for once, it wasn’t just another day. I mean, it was because I still went to an eye doctor’s appointment…but it wasn’t because I felt that today was what it’s supposed to be…a celebration of my life.

M has never really celebrated his birthday. He says he doesn’t see the point. I get it. If it wasn’t a big deal growing up or just isn’t a big deal to you, then ok. That doesn’t mean that it’s not a big deal to other people. I respect his wishes and let his birthday be just another day (after the first couple of years when I made him a cake and I could tell it bothered him). However I have made it clear to him that I feel your birthday should be a special day. It should be a celebration of the fact that you’re alive and ANY kind of small gesture can symbolize that.

So, what did I get from him for my birthday today? A single rose? A 99 cent birthday card? Nope. I got NADA except for a “Oh yeah, Happy Birthday” when I woke up. I mean, the fact that I was given life should mean more to him than that, right? I’m not asking for an expensive gift. I truly don’t want an expensive gift. But I would like some gesture that my life is worth something. This has gone on like this for as long as we’ve been together and once again has me questioning if I truly mean anything to him.

My best friend is a woman I met around a year ago right here on WordPress. We have become very close. I can tell her anything and she can tell me anything. We Skype each other just as we are, which is usually lounging in bed in our pajamas because we don’t have the energy to do any different. This woman who I have known for less than a year sent me a gift package today. She made sure that it would be delivered to me on my birthday. It’s not about the gift…which happened to be a card, a beautiful journal, a password book, and a magnet…but about all the thought that went behind her putting it together and sending it.

So the way I see it, I mean more to this woman than I do to a man who has been part of my life for almost seven years. How messed up is that? Now, I know this sounds like I didn’t have a great birthday, but despite M’s lack of caring, this was a totally AWESOME birthday! The gift box sent to me by my best friend meant the world to me. We had our “Birthday Skype” and then she texted me and told me how much I meant to her and how happy she was to have me in her life. That in itself was enough to make it a great day! It almost made me cry to think that I mean that much to one person, and made it even more special because she means that much to me too. She has gotten me through some really tough times this past year when I might have just gone crazy without her.

Therefore, I dedicate this post to my best friend who made this birthday the best I’ve had in years. I am grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful friend in my life. She is more than a friend. She is family.


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me :)

  1. Happy birthday! Mine was two Sundays ago.

    I’m sorry you didn’t get something more meaningful. I got a little more than I was expecting– really, all that I need is family that loves me coming together, a nice meal, some nice conversation, and a birthday cake made by Cimmorene. I got all of that plus a little more; hopefully you can still get something like that, too.


    • Oh, you reminded me that my niece called and wants to have a party for me and her daughter (whose birthday is Thursday) on Saturday. That made me feel great too. Really though, it is not about the present. If he had told me how much I mean to him like my best friend did, then that in itself would have been a present. He just takes for granted that “I already know” instead of telling me once a year. Anniversaries are the same way…Nothing happens. It’s like he’s anti-celebrate-anything.


      • I was talking with one of my sisters a little bit about this– the idea that individuals have a “love language”, or a particular way that they give and recognize appreciation, affection, etc. Some people need to be told, others prefer actions, some give gifts, and so on. What I think is important is telling people what you need, and asking the same from them. At least, in my experience, this smooths out communication.

        I’m glad that your niece is doing something special for you, and I hope you enjoy your time with them.


  2. Happy birthday 🙂
    I’m sorry it was quite acknowledged like you wanted by some, but I’m glad that someone special in your life recognised your birthday and sent you a really thoughtful gift, (those ones are the best!)


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