Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

Monday evening my good mood was stolen from me by the person who broke into my house…it was taken along with my iPad, a cellphone, and a weed eater. I called the police and reported the items stolen and while I waited for the police to show up I called Apple Care. They were able to provide me with the iPad’s serial number (which was also on the box had I thought to have checked) and with the Apple locating software. Unfortunately, since it was a wi-fi enabled device only, it would not show me where the iPad had disappeared to until it was connected to wi-fi…in other words, it is long gone.

I made sure that the device was locked and that once turned on my phone number will show up along with a message to call me. Hopefully that will be enough for it to be un-pawnable (I don’t think that is a word…it will make it impossible to be pawned). I also made sure that the police got all of the information that he needed for his report. For the rest of the evening I was emotionally numb.

Tuesday I stayed home all day making phone calls to see if the iPad was going to be covered under the insurance I pay for every month to the store I’m buying it from (yes…I said buying…in many expensive payments I might add). I was told that they wouldn’t know until they had the police report and then they would call the insurance company to find out if it can be replaced. Hello!?! IF it can be replaced!?! The cellphone that was stolen (which M was going to inherit from me) ended up not being covered under the insurance because the line was not active at the time of theft. Problem was, he still needed a phone upgrade. I was remained somewhat numb that day, but also scared that the robber would come back for the TV and other things he didn’t take. So scared in fact that I refused to even take a shower until M got off work.

Tuesday evening my brain finally began to function and I started weighing my options. I could file it on the store’s insurance and continue to pay exorbitantly high payments for a refurbished iPad 3 that might or might not be replaced within a week (anyone who knows me knows that I LIVE on that thing…I hardly ever use a laptop anymore…so a week just wasn’t going to cut it for me. Or, I could go back to Verizon Wireless and purchase a brand new iPad Air (a.k.a. iPad 5), also in payments but without the crazy interest charges, and it would have wifi and cellular data service. As a matter of fact, the new one would cost me less than what I had left to pay on the old one…it was a no-brainier!

Wednesday after my therapy session I took a trip up to Verizon to make sure I qualified for the payment plan. I did! Like I mentioned before I also needed a new phone for M. They had the 5s on sale from $199 to $99, the 5c on sale from $99 to $49 and the 4s was free. He had asked for the free one. Well, when I said that I was interested in the 4s, the manager came over. She wanted to know why I had opted for the 4s (which still runs on the 3G network) when the newer 4G network phones were on sale. I told her it was simply because he had asked for the free phone. She asked if I would be interested in the 5c if she could get it for me for free…uh YES! So the manager worked her magic and I was able to get the iPhone 5c for M for free!

Needless to say, I totally took my bad experience of a burglary and turned it around. I made lemonade from the lemons I was given. As a matter of fact, I am actually going to be breaking even money-wise. Before, I was paying close to $140 per month for the iPad payment and another $60 per month for my prepaid phone bill. That comes out to $200. My new bill for three lines of service, insurance on each device, and the iPad payment will be about $220. I mean really…you can not beat that! I may have lost my new happy self for a couple of days, but boy am I back!


8 thoughts on “Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

  1. Joy, I’m so glad you’re OK! I assume you weren’t there when it happened? Anyway, God sure opened up a window for you, didn’t he?! Happy things turned out OK. I’ll bet you are exhausted from the effort though. I know I would be!


    • I’m ok, but you’re right…worry is exhausting! No, I wasn’t home (thank God) but it is still a bit unnerving. I still get nervous when I leave wondering if someone is watching. I suppose it will take a while to get over that. However, having the iPad to keep me occupied makes things easier because I don’t think about it so much.


  2. Oh my!

    I’ve experienced break ins before and they’re terrifying. I wouldn’t have even waited for M, I would have invited some friends over for a few days.

    I love it when good things work out for good people. I’m so glad that you took what was thrown your way and you kept your head up!

    Super courageous. πŸ™‚


    • Thank you for that. It might have been super courageous, but it was also super scary. A contract for one phone is scary enough, but now with 3 devices…oh my! Bit I am happy I did it. If I hadn’t I would still be without an iPad because the city is dragging their feet with the police report. Oh, and thank you for commenting.


  3. Glad that you are safe. Sorry about the things you have lost and nothing more was taken. I have been broken into and vandalized. It is a very scary thing to go through. Glad you could move on and make lemonade. Take care.


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