One Year Anniversary


Today is my one year anniversary with WordPress…and what a year it has been! I started this blog as a way to vent about my medical issues and hopefully help other chronic pain patients at the same time. I believe that I have accomplished what I set out to do. I wrote a lot more towards the beginning of my time with WordPress, but I just had so much to say back then. There was a lot of catching everyone up on my issues and informing you guys about adhesions. Since doing that, my writing has slowed down quite a bit, but most of you have stuck it out with me. Also, welcome to all of my new followers. I have met some truly amazing people and made some very good friends…all in all a complete success if I do say so myself πŸ™‚

This week has been great. I am still feeling better from the increase in the corticosteroids. Not quite as well as I did those first three days, but much better than I have these past few years. Just to show you how much better I have been feeling, I will use cleaning as an example. Since my adhesion symptoms worsened a few years ago (but especially since the start of the Fibro fatigue), mopping and vacuuming have been pretty much impossible. I could sweep on occasion, but definitely not as much as one should…especially being a fur-parent. The other day I found a small, lightweight vacuum cleaner and a steam mop (both for $30 if you can believe that!) and I have been able to vacuum the carpet in my bedroom. Today I vacuumed the hardwood floors in the living room/dining room and steam mopped them! I am exhausted at the moment, but it feels so good to have been able to get it done. The steam mop ended up being heavier than I expected (harder to push and pull) but I was still able to get it done. For the first time in a long time I feel as if I have accomplished something big…and I suppose I have.

Physical therapy started this week. I will be going once a week to a new physical therapist. So far, I think that she and I will work a lot better together than the therapist I used after mine moved to a new clinic. She is more “hands on” like the first therapist was and even uses a technique I’ve never seen before. I believe that I might start to see results soon, and that’s great since the second therapist I used never really helped much at all. She would just watch me do my “at home” exercises…what’s the point in that?

The last past of my great week was winning a contest! Michael Fernandez at had a contest in June for Migraine Awareness Month. There were two grand prizes for two winners…a pair of Axon Optics sunglasses. Axon Optics specializes in glasses for migraine sufferers. I entered the contest with a post I wrote for Migraine Awareness Month entitled My Migraine Story. Michael announced the two grand prize winners with a You Tube video and it shocked me to hear him say my name! He had two pairs to give away. One was a pair of “cats eye” women’s sunglasses and the other was a unisex pair that can be worn over prescription eyeglasses. Guess which one I won…yes, I won the pair that can be worn over my own eyeglasses! They came in the mail on Friday and I wore them all day yesterday as I was doing a bit of running around (the all day long kind of running around). I was amazed at how lightweight they were. They didn’t make the bridge of my nose start to hurt until the afternoon. The pair I was wearing before would start to hurt after only about an hour at which point I would have to take them off. These new ones I was able to simply reposition and keep going. I will write a review of them after I’ve had a few weeks to wear them, but so far so good! Here are pictures of me with and without the new sunglasses:

Without Axon Optics

Without Axon Optics

With Axon Optics

With Axon Optics

So, I rounded out a not-so-great year with a wonderful week! I will try to get back to writing more often again. I just wanted to thank all of my followers, new and old, who have stuck by me throughout this year and more often than not have been my support when I had none. Thank you for listening to my rants, my tears, and my triumphs, and for being my shoulder to lean on. Here’s to another year of blogging and many more new friends to be made!


11 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary

  1. Congrats on your win, Joy! You deserve it. WOW! That is a lot of cleaning. I would be exhausted too! I was able to push a dustmop around the house yesterday to get all the hair blobs off the floor. πŸ™‚ We have 3 kitties and 2 dogs so they grow fast. Happy anniversary too!


    • Thanks Colleen. I know what you mean. These fur babies are great company but they make one heck of a mess. I have 3 dogs, so a dust mop itself usually won’t cut it. I have to take out the big guns. I’m so very tired from yesterday, but I’m proud of what I accomplished! Oh, and they do bottle it…mine anyway. I’ve gotten this energy from the corticosteroids that are in my inhaler and in a nasal spray. Bad news…I’ve gained 10 lbs. I’d rather be big and functional than thin and bed bound. I’ll be talking to the Dr. about the weight gain. Maybe there is something else that would work the same without the weight gain…we’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll keep you all updated!


  2. So glad to hear you had a good week. Congratulations on your year with WordPress. And also on you win of your sunglasses. I really like the ones that fit over my own eye glasses. Saves on having to get a second subscription pair and having to change back and forth. Take care.


    • I know…prescription eyewear is SO expensive. His way it’s easier. Plus, the light that they block is different from most sunglasses, so in my case these could actually prevent me from getting a migraine. I was so lucky! It really was a great week. I hope everything is well with you…


      • Everything is well with me. Just don’t seem to have the time or energy to blog lately. Been trying to check messages and such, but that’s about it. Glad your sunglasses are working well for your migraines. I have only had one when I was pregnant with my first born. Glad I don’t get them any more. Take care.


  3. How nice to read a “happiness report” – good feelings are even better when shared and passed on, don’t you think? You feel good, then your readers feel good, then your readers’ loved ones feel good… You’ve sent a ripple of happiness out into the world.

    Love those sunglasses! Wasn’t too long ago I thought they were just for dorky old folks, but now I think they look kind of stylish. Plus, the life-simplifying practicality is impossible to dismiss. How our perspective changes as we age!


    • I completely agree that our perspective changes as we get older. I notice more each day how much like my mother I really am. As far as the happiness ripple goes, I hadn’t thought about it, but I suppose you’re right. Positivity really is contagious. Thank you for pointing that out to me.


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