Happy Again

So, before I tell you guys why I’m so happy, I am going to update you a bit on my medical issues.

I went back to the rheumatologist and they re-did my bloodwork because last time it showed high levels of inflammation. Luckily though, it was negative for lupus and the other diseases they are able to test for. The results of the new bloodwork still showed high levels of inflammation, so the doctor started me on a medicine called Plaquinil. I will take it once a day and they will recheck my levels at my next visit. I am excited about this medicine because I am unable to take medicines from the NSAID family which is what they usually use for inflammation. I didn’t know there were other options. The only thing is that I have to make sure to get my eyes checked every year while on this medicine.

Secondly, I have had a really bad cough for a while now. After starting a new medicine called Symbicort the cough still hasn’t gone away. So the other day the doctor gave me a shot of a steroid and prescribed a course of Prednisone to help clear out my lungs.

This is where we get to the happy part. Somewhere between the Prednisone, my thyroid medicine and the Plaquinil, I have actually had ENERGY! For someone with fibromyalgia and chronic pain, this is a big thing. I am always extremely fatigued, so having a bit of energy has felt great… I feel almost normal. It is so exciting! Add to that the fact that it has actually been peaceful in my home for about a week and that makes one happy Joy. If it could only be this stress-free all the time! Lastly, I treated myself to a pedicure the other day so I have beautiful feet! I am thoroughly enjoying the peace, my energy, and my pedicure.

Too bad I can’t stay on this medicine all the time. That would be nice. It has been so long since I have felt normal. Don’t get me wrong, I still have the chronic pain, but my energy level is definitely better. I only have a few days left of the Prednisone, so it is very possible that my newfound energy stops with it. However, I intend to enjoy every minute of this feeling. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good, so I will cherish every minute of it. Don’t worry, though. I am trying to pace myself to where I won’t overdo it. Today has been a day of rest except for a quick trip to the store.

I hope all of you are as happy as I am right now. Oh, and do something nice for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how great it makes you feel!


12 thoughts on “Happy Again

    • Thank you. This blog has helped me tremendously in accepting that this is my life now. It helps to write things out and this way I can help others who are in similar situations.


  1. That’s wonderful! Perhaps if you talk to your doctor and tell him or her about this effective combo they might have some further ideas about where to take treatment 🙂 I had an energy crash and got my adrenals checked and adjusted my supplements for adrenal support and it made such a difference. It’s also great you are just enjoying the moment!


    • I definitely plan on telling him. I don’t really know where that will lead, although I didn’t know about the Plaquinil for inflammation either. You never know, he might surprise me.


    • I don’t know how long you can take it. They just called and said that my blood work was positive again and they wanted to start me on it. I suppose I’ll find out more at my next appointment in 4 months. You could always ask your doctor about it.


  2. I am so happy for you, I know how just a little bit of peace can be such a huge gift…so glad you can enjoy it while you can I am on symbicort and spiriva they put me on the spiriva when they took me off of the prednisone…you may want to ask them about it, it helps me out alot. I know they have checked you for lupus, but have you had your immune system checked? I had mine checked by chance in may and found my levels very low, and they started me on IV therapy to rebuild my system back up.


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