Way To Go GP!

I went today to pick up the disability paperwork from my GP’s office. Surprisingly enough, he filled out all three of the forms!!! So, I can now send off the paperwork to discharge my student loans and I was able to go to the local courthouse and pick up the placards that allow me to park in disabled parking spaces. Yay! I’m so excited and for once am proud of my GP. Now, does that mean that I won’t change doctors later? Not really. I will however wait it out until I get notice back from the government that my student loans have been discharged. Once that happens then I will reconsider whether or not to change doctors. For today, I’m just celebrating a win. It’s been a long time since something good happened and I intend to enjoy the heck out of it!


6 thoughts on “Way To Go GP!

  1. Wow, a doctor doing something they were supposed to do without a hassle – that is something to celebrate! 🙂 I hope things keep moving in a good direction for you.


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