New Diagnosis

I hope you guys were able to check out my guest post for my friend GreenGrowsDark. If you missed it, here is a quick update:

I finally got in to see a rheumatologist this past week. He and his entire staff were really nice. I got two new diagnosis during that visit. If any of you remember, my GP said that he believed I have fibromyalgia, but he never listed it on my chart as a diagnosis. After talking to the rheumatologist he did confirm Fibro. I’m glad to finally be able to put a name to my symptoms. I now join many of you who deal with this illness and you officially have a new “spoonie” sister.

My second diagnosis was another one that I already believed I had…bursitis. That explains why my hips have been bothering me so much. The Dr. gave me a shot in each hip and so far it is helping. One side did better than the other, but at least the pain has eased up some. I am so grateful that he actually did something for it, not just mentioning it and then letting it go like others have done. Also, he ran bloodwork to check for other disorders like lupus and I suppose I will get those results when I see him again next month.

Lastly, when I saw my GP last week I dropped off some disability paperwork. One was for my school loans and the other was for handicapped plates. His office finally called on Friday to let me know that my paperwork was ready. So, I will go and pick it up on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed that he signed all of it. If he did I am going to send it off and then change to another GP. It is really sad that he is so disinterested in helping me out. I have been telling him for months about my hips hurting and he never offered me any shots for them and when I asked for the referral to the rheumatologist he said no. I ended up having to get the referral from my Ob/Gyn. I’m glad now that I was proactive enough to ask the Ob/Gyn for it instead of admitting defeat. Hopefully I will have better luck with my new GP whoever he may be.


21 thoughts on “New Diagnosis

  1. I had that too and had surgery for it. It is SOOOO painful!!! I have forgotten…do you control your food like no dairy and no wheat? I find dairy really bothers me and causes lots of inflammation. I hope you don’t have lupus! Thank you for checking in.


      • Yes they take out the sac that is the bursitis…if it’s large enough that is. Mine was so bad on my hip, I couldn’t even lay on my side. OMG..PAINFUL!!!!! And as for dairy…if you look that up, humans are the only ones that ingest dairy after infancy. It’s not normal for us to drink and eat so much dairy. i’ve drastically reduced it and it helps. It’s not a cure all but it helps. The bursitis surgery was successful and it hasn’t come back. So far. But with me that just means I’ve eliminated one out of eight issues lol.


  2. It’s very relieving when you finally get a diagnosis. πŸ™‚ I had a coworker who has bursitis. Wishing you the best on receiving disability! xx


  3. Had an MRI yesterday and getting a CT scan next Wednesday– I guess the new surgeon doc wants to see everything as it is right now before discussing the options. Pain doc said he seemed to have other things in mind besides just the stimulator. Not sure what to think.


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