Thank You!

First of all I want to say thank you to all the new followers I’ve had recently. It still surprises me that people want to read my ramblings…especially since my writing has been so sporadic lately. I appreciate all of you who get some enjoyment, support, or information from my posts. I am really behind on reading posts since my break in writing, but I am going to catch up eventually. So, if you see that I’ve “liked” one of your older posts, that’s just me going through the mountain of emails that is patiently waiting for me. I’m sorry that it has taken me so long and please know that I am still here and am so sorry for anything that I have missed in your lives. My readers are the BEST and you all deserve the best from me. I promise I will catch up soon.

I also wanted to say thank you to one reader in particular GreenGrowsDark. She was the one whose continued love and support inspired me to pick back up where I left off and write again. There has been so much heartache going on in my life recently that I’m just not ready to write about yet. One day I will. But that is one of the main reasons that I haven’t been writing lately. I know I promised you all that I would always tell the truth in this blog about my feelings, or what I go through on a daily basis, but as much as I love you all, I’m just not ready to go there yet. However, I think I have processed things with myself now and I am ready to continue with my rants, ramblings, and information about adhesions.

I also want to say a big thank you to the lovely people in my adhesions group on Facebook. It is called Let’s Shine a Light On Adhesion Related Disorder. They have truly been my rock lately. There are over 200 members now and we have had 2 newspapers write articles on adhesions thanks to one of the founders of the group. One article in particular was really well written. The journalist did his/her homework and wrote a really great article. So good, in fact, that it was picked up by USA Today as an online piece. Here is the link to it: If any of you have adhesions or know someone that does, you should really check out this group. It is a closed group because we write about really personal issues that bother us or about some really embarrassing symptoms of ARD (Adhesion Related Disorder). However, if you have adhesions or know someone who does, then please join the group. It is great support for those who suffer with this debilitating disorder and good inside information for those who have a loved one with it. It’s a way to “see” what we go through on a daily basis.

Well, that’s all of my “thank you’s” for now. I hope all of you are doing well. Please leave me an update on how you are in the comments section. I will be seeing you on your blogs soon!


16 thoughts on “Thank You!

    • Lots of hugs right back at you. I am so proud that you think of me as family. That was what inspired me to write again. I need you guys in my life! Did you get the job you wanted? Has your doggie been able to go to you? I’m sure I will catch up soon, but I want to know now lol! How have you been doing? Anxiety gotten any better?


      • I’m travelling with Jack in 2 weeks, I don’t know about the job yet. My anxiety is better. I have a new project now, I bought domain, I transfered my blog on it, it’s ready now 🙂 but I’ll start blogging on it in May. I spent the week working on it, I’m super exited, I don’t even feel like working anymore (don’t tell my mom) lol. So that’s basically it. I’m secretly looking for a way to write for a living.


        • Yay! I know you’re excited to see your baby! I’m glad the anxiety has gotten better. Congratulations on the domain!!! If your heart is telling you to write, then write. Maybe write a story…I’ve heard it is super easy to get published now electronically. You will succeed at whatever you set your mind to do. Just follow your heart! Love you!


  1. I had my Skype on all day from whenever I turned on my laptop. I was waiting for you to call because I didn’t want to bother you if you were sleeping and it was kind of at that sleeping time of yours. LOL I’m having a rough day. I sure hope yours was better than mine. Happy Easter. I love you, girl. so happy we got to chat yesterday. Hope to chat soon.
    Peace, love, and hugs,
    Wild Thang:(


    • I’m so sorry. I slept late and then we went grocery shopping. I was EXHAUSTED by the time we got back and quickly ate and passed out again. If you’re not doing anything tomorrow I’ll try to call. If you’re not online I’ll send you a text first. Talk to you very soon!


      • It’s okay, that’s why I didn’t call you because I was worried I would wake you up and I’m in an ugly place right now. Supposed to go to my mom’s tomorrow for Easter at 3:00 p.m. Not sure I’ll be able to make it. If I feel like this, I won’t even be able to get out of bed. If I can, I will go because I really need to get out of here, but we’ll just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings. Talk to you tomorrow, hopefully. Hopefully I won’t be sleeping all day because I have a feeling I’m going to be awake all night, but if I’m awake all night, I’ll probably be awake all day, as well. I was awake for 41 hours straight last week. Sigh………….. Sleep well, my dear friend.


  2. Sorry I haven’t been here. I’ve been having some issues. Getting ready to go to an appointment. You feel up to skyping when I get back? Should be back around 11:30ish a.m. I’ll turn my skype on and if you’re awake and feel up to it, give me a ring. We are way past due. I’m needing my Joy fix! Hope you’re doing okay. I see, you still aren’t posting much, lately. Talk soon.:) hang on, Wild Thang will be back shortly.:)


    • I’m actually going to see my sister in the hospital today. I will send you a text message when I get home (assuming you saved the new number) and we can talk then. Looking forward to it!


      • I read your post today or yesterday and see you may be going to your sisters again. If that’s what you need to do, then by all means get the hell out of there because you know and I know that stress makes everything worse. I hope you can find some peace and I look forward to when we can skype again. I haven’t been doing so well, myself. As always, I’m a big, fat hot mess! Take care, girl. I miss you and I’m worried about you, so I hope we can talk soon so I know you are okay.


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