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Today I have a special guest for you all to meet. Her name is Laura Macky and she is a photographer, showcasing her beautiful work on her blog You can read a bit more about her on her “About” page found here. Like many of us, Laura has spent a lot of time with her “happy face” on to the rest of the world, all the while hiding her physical and emotional pain on the inside. I really hope you all enjoy her writing because I’m trying to convince her to write a series of posts (in other words, let’s show her lots of love in the comments section so that she’ll come back 😀.)

Enough of my chattering, here she is: Laura Macky!

I’m honored that I’ve been asked to do a guest blog here. It’s kind of a big deal for me because I’m one who likes to present a smiling face and one who doesn’t show what’s really going on inside. But I think a lot of us are like that, don’t you? Lately, life has been a journey of awakening, spiritual growth and learning how to deal with a myriad of physical and emotional issues. Thankfully, I’ve learned how to awaken creativity inside of me in a new way (meaning photography) which has given me a new lease on life!

Almost as far back as I can remember, I’ve battled depression and addictions due to a dysfunctional upbringing. Growing up was not a happy place to be most of the time emotionally, and when I started having physical problems on top of that, it sunk me further into depression and addiction. Fortunately, I’ve been working on myself with a wonderful therapist who I call “Dr. Bill”. He is a gem and I really don’t know where I’d be today without him.

My physical problems pretty much all started with an auto accident which set me up for a lot of health issues. After having neck surgery, I was left with nerve damage on my right side from my jaw down to my fingers which means I have a very hard time doing simple tasks and have constant pain on that side. Also after the surgery, I developed a severe case of fibromyalgia. For years I kept thinking it would “go away” and I spent a lot of time in doctors’ offices reading a lot of sailing magazines, lol. I’ve often wondered if sailing magazines give discounts to doctors or if there really are that many doctors who sail.

Needless to say, I was very down in the dumps. I could no longer play the piano which had been my “go-to” hobby since I was four years old, gone were the days of working out at the gym which I so loved, and I was so depressed that I really didn’t want to live any longer. I was a mess yet always presenting a smile on my face to the world and my family.

Finally, I realized I had to do something. Slowly but surely I started a Laura Macky overhaul in the way I interact with life. The realization set in that things weren’t going to improve drastically physically, so I had to change the way I viewed life from the inside. I started working on myself through therapy and support groups, but I still missed having a hobby. Hmm…what to do…….

Enter photography! It’s a fairly new hobby for me, more seriously delving into it in the last year, and it’s made all the difference. Photography has given me the excitement of seeing things again. Our world is so beautiful and I’m happy to be a part of it again; not only physically but with everyone I’m meeting via WordPress too. I really enjoy reading others’ blogs of all different types, and when we all share things together it makes it even better!

I really appreciate this opportunity to open up and share what’s really behind the lens.


2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Laura Macky

    • It is great, huh? Maybe in the next post (assuming I can talk her into it) she could use a picture based on whatever theme she’s writing about… I’ll have to ask her about it.


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