Let’s Talk About Em-pa-thy – Let’s Talk About You and Me

Empathy is a hell of a drug. Isn’t it? It’s the ability to ‘trip’ on the emotions, feelings and thoughts of an-other. Unlike sympathy, it requires you to directly engage with someone else’s insides. You’ve got to walk in the other person’s shoes. You can’t just sit back on your pillow of pleasantness, laugh on the inside, and maybe, just maybe – only out of sympathy – extend your ‘supportive’, un-emotionally-fettered hand out for aid. Nope. Empathy demands your hands get dirty. It demands you to dive back into the dark places you’ve already been, to draw on the emotions and thoughts and experiences you’ve had, so that you can use those past-heartaches to relate to The Other.

When you empathise then, you’re not merely indulging in a purely intellectual exercise. When you’re empathising, you’re not simply observing your past experiences and identifying them as the correct response to The Other’s woes. It’s not like a school assessment where you merely have to recall data by dipping into your memory bank to retrieve the right answer. Humans don’t work like that…

To read more of this great blog, click on the following link: Let’s Talk About Em-pa-thy – Let’s Talk About You and Me.


9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Em-pa-thy – Let’s Talk About You and Me

  1. Great description of empathy! Some people really don’t seem to understand empathy or feel it at all. Sometimes it’s painful to empathize but I’m grateful I have the ability because it makes me more understanding of others.


  2. Great post, girl. I’ll definitely take empathy over sympathy any day, any time. I do not want sympathy from anyone, anytime. However, empathy and compassion are always nice.:)


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