Thank God!

Literally! I was finally able to go to the pain management doctor yesterday, just in time to avoid going through withdrawals. (See post Sitting ’round the Kitchen Table 2) So, here’s how it went:

ALDOT (Alabama Department of Transportation) finally got the roads and highways cleared of the abandoned cars from the snow and ice from Tuesday (my appointment day). The roads were sanded to help with the ice (yes, they use sand instead of salt. Why? Don’t ask me!) and the staff at the doctors office were able to make it in. I called shortly after 9:00 am to see if they were open, but the message on the machine said that they were still closed because of the weather. I started panicking again because I was completely out of pain pills and my patch was supposed to be changed today (Friday). Around 1:30pm I sat crocheting trying to calm my nerves and the idea popped into my head to call the doctors office again. I was convinced that they wouldn’t open clinic back up until today and then not be able to get me in because of how many patients they had missed. However, I had this URGE to call, so I picked up the phone and dialed (ok, that’s a lie. Who dials anymore? I pushed “call” on their contact page in my phone…doesn’t everyone?). To my surprise, the “this office is closed due to extreme weather conditions” message was gone and it gave me the option to speak with the receptionist. I was thinking “this can’t be…it’s a joke, right?” but I was put on hold and less than 30 seconds later a receptionist answered the phone. The first words out of my mouth were “Thank God you guys are open!” I proceeded to explain that it was impossible for me to make it to my appointment on Tuesday because of the roads being blocked by wrecks and abandoned cars and how I was completely out of my medicine. I truly expected to be told that they wouldn’t be able to get me in until next week, but a few seconds later, the lady asked me if I could come in that afternoon. Hell yeah!

Actually, I said “absolutely” and she gave me an appointment for 3:30 pm. I was ecstatic. After so much worry and anxiety about not being able to get in and having to go through withdrawals, it was definitely good news. I threw my hair up in a ponytail, got dressed, and ran slowly made my way out the door…hey, there’s still ice around here. I made it safely to the doctors office where I was seen in record time. I told the nurse practitioner about how scared I was and she told me that they would always get me in and that I didn’t ever have to worry about going through withdrawals…not because of something like this…and when the time comes and I’m ready to stop taking the medication, then they will wean me off in a safe way. It made me feel better knowing that they aim to prevent it as much as I’m scared of it.

The visit went well. I am staying on the same dose of medication since it has been helping and has finally gotten me out of bed! We discussed nerve blocks again. There is only one nerve block left that they can try. I have been debating this one for a while now, but finally agreed to go for it. Who knows, it may be the one to work. That is assuming insurance will pay for it. So, I figure if it’s meant for me to have the nerve block then it will be approved by insurance and if not, then it won’t. I am totally leaving it in God’s hands right now since he “spoke” to me yesterday. For the first time in a very long time I don’t feel as though He has abandoned me. I’ve always known he hadn’t, but honestly sometimes I felt like he had. Well, yesterday he made up for it. Oh, and the NP gave me the number to a place that does “the ROLF method” or visceral manipulation (I think they’re the same, but I need to look it up and check in case any of you have questions about it). This was very exciting because I have looked into various “alternative” treatments and this seems to be the best suited for my ailments. I still have to check with insurance, but I don’t believe that it will be covered. I’m hoping and praying that the treatments aren’t that expensive because I would love to be able to try it to see if it actually helps. The thing is, I didn’t even know there was anyone in this area who did this type of manual myofacial manipulation so it is quite exciting to know that there is someone locally.

I got out of the doctors office in record time and made it to the pharmacy without incident. I got my medicines refilled and made it back home safely. I truly thank God for his help today and for finding a way to take care of my needs.


23 thoughts on “Thank God!

  1. Glad you were able to make it safely! Getting pain meds is imperative to functioning and not getting more depressed, at least for me. Hope you don’t mind me posting this here, but we went to teh ballet last night in SF and while I enjoyed it, I was MISERABLE sitting there. OMG…I popped a pain pill and it put me a bit in la la land but at least I could somewhat enjoy the performance. I could barely walk to the car when it was done. This morning I feel better. Oh I so know. big hugs


    • No, sweetie I don’t mind. You can write me all the antidotes you like. I love to hear them. I have an idea. Since your blog is mostly photography…right?…I would love it if you would do a guest post here. You could talk about these things that you need to without it sticking out like a sore thumb on your site, but I would still link back to your site so that you get the views. What do you think?


      • Oh I’m flattered you’d ask me. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it but maybe it would be good for me. I’m not a writer though…I always have a tendency to end up being funny to hide my feelings. Would it be an interview style? I’d probably do better in that regard.


        • I like funny. It showed that in some way you’ve adapted to your new life. If you would prefer interview, I suppose I could do that, but I think I would like for you to be able to just get the feelings out. Purge them if you will. But in the end it’s up to you and how you feel about it…whatever makes you comfortable. Send me a “hello” at and we can talk about it more.


          • OK….I’ll do that this afternoon or tomorrow. I’m off to my therapist’s office in just a few. Thank you for thinking of me in this way. A year ago I would’ve not responded to this request and just ignored it. At least I’m getting healthier by acknowledging my issues and not running from them. Thank you!


          • I know what you mean. A lot of us tend to want to hide it because of the way people don’t understand. On my blog, though, everyone understands and they are very supportive. It’s a good place to show your new found strength.


  2. yes, they use sand instead of salt. Why? Don’t ask me!

    They’ve used sand here, too, and why it’s used instead of rock salt is because salt is very hard on the surrounding environment. It’s an environmental thing.

    Well, you already know a fair bit about my pain situation, so you know I empathize. About all I can say is just about the only thing I haven’t tried is the patches, besides the spinal cord stimulator I still get to wait on.


  3. As I read this, my relief was almost palpable for you…..I understand because I’ve been close to running out of my pain meds and the panic and desperation you feel at that moment when you realize how close you are to your world collapsing around you and the intense pain that is just peeking around the corner is……well, a nightmare to say the least….or maybe even terrifying. I am so glad you were able to connect with the people who hold your pain relief in their hands and get what you needed. I literally feel so relieved for you…. indeed….thank God!!! πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Julie. I know you understand, but this comment (as sad as it is) just made me cry! You were able to put into words what I was feeling and not many people can do that. I had thought that I’d written you back before, but like I told PJ, maybe I’m loosing it 😜 lol.


      • Awww Joy…..xoxox Sending hugs to you. I am glad that my words touched you…..I do understand. Our meds are such a big part of our lives….even though I hate having to take them, if I get close to running out or misplace a bottle of something, I start freaking out big time! Just a few days ago, I thought I was almost out of one of my meds and got on the pharmacy website, it said that I had already picked that one up a week earlier (!)……I couldn’t find it for a short time and I though OMG I lost it or threw it out by mistake. My gut dropped into my shoes….until….I found the full bottle! (it was not with my other meds in the plastic bin I keep them all in) Anyway, I nearly died, I was so relieved. (that’s my memory for ya, lol) I take so many meds, I can’t remember half the time what I’ve picked up and what I need to call in…. Anyway, I sure do understand about the meds. Glad it worked out for you… and for me!!! πŸ™‚ HUGS xoxo


  4. Yes, God does care and know you by name. I am not surprised at all! However, I do love hearing such stories and seeing how He helps us when we need it. For example:

    In January, I needed an emergency visit to my doctor. He lives 7 hours away. He is booked one year in advance. I called and told him I need to see him before my scheduled visit in March. He scheduled me to come on the following Friday. He does not have appointments on Friday. He opened the day up just for me! In my 12 years of going to see him, the few times I have needed an Emergency Visit, something has ALWAYS happened so I could go. Our Heavenly Father is just that – our Father who loves us very much.

    I firmly believe (know) that through our illnesses we becomes the person we are meant to be. Our illnesses are an eternal journey. You may not have been able to finish college, but I assure you, you have a Master’s in what really matters – becoming the daughter of God you are meant to be. Once I figured that I was on an eternal journey, I felt such peace about being sick. You Go Girl!


    • It’s just that when we get sick…I don’t know about you…but when I was told that nothing else could be done, no more surgeries I went through such a deep depression that I would cry and ask why (sometimes I would scream why). You go so long and so many years without an answer that when he finally shows his work to you, it’s magical. I guess that’s the same for “normals”, but to be honest, I don’t really remember because I’ve been sick for so long. Your doctor sounds like a truly great man. It’s hard to find those. I’ve been lucky with my specialists, just having a hard time finding a good GP. Thank you for your comment.


  5. Finding Joy in the Journey is my blog. I do not have any info on adhesions on it. I hadn’t thought about them in years. I’m so sorry that you have them and that it took so long to have someone believe you.


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