What happens when patients know more than their doctors?

What happens when patients know more than their doctors? Experiences of health interactions after diabetes patient education: a qualitative patient-led study – BMJ Open

Those of us with rare illnesses and mysterious “syndromes” have had to become experts in our own conditions because most doctors won’t be familiar with it.  No doctor can specialize in every rare illness, so it’s not surprising that they may not be familiar with ours, but doctors should know enough to know when they don’t know.

When doctors believe they know better just by virtue of being a doctor, problems arise.   This lengthy and detailed study finally validates the resistance and rejection we encounter when we know more than our doctors about our illness.

To read more, click on this link:  What happens when patients know more than their doctors?.

This is exactly the problem I face when seeing a general practitioner!


12 thoughts on “What happens when patients know more than their doctors?

  1. One would think that after he/she becomes a Dr. that they would keep up with what is going on in the world around them, maybe read a study or three. I have come to the conclusions that once there is a degree in hand they go dumb, then all the patients become pin cushions and guinea pigs. Doctors are so trial and error nowadays and its pretty pathetic, imo.

    Great post.


    • I totally agree. I also believe that there are a bunch of doctors who don’t even like being doctors. They were either forced into it by their parents or they wanted to do it until they actually had to think logically enough to deal with patients. Then they say to themselves “I went to school for too long to do anything else” and the title “Doctor” isn’t so bad either, so they stay doing something they hate.


  2. I’ve had to be my own advocate as well. It’s pretty frustrating because I’m reapplying for disability (through SSA this time–last time it was through Masshealth/Umass Medical School), and I need medical documentation to back me up. I have three sources at least, but I’m praying it will be enough to convince SSA that I’m eligible. :/


  3. You’ll find today that our doctors really don’t know what is happening with our bodies anymore…. there is a lot going on…. I have recently created a free e book (on the sidebar of my home page) with 33 other wordpress bloggers about our awakening experiences… there are many stories about people healing themselves… might be good for you to read and share too….. Keep up the good mindfulness Barbara x


    • Thank you Barbara. I will have to take a look at that e-book. I remember you writing that you were going to be doing a project like that, but I didn’t know you have finished it already. Congratulations!


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