Appointment: Fail

I had a doctors appointment yesterday with the doctor who missed my UTI right before Thanksgiving. I took a copy of the post I wrote, Open Letter to General Practitioners. I asked him to please read the letter all the way through before commenting. I was hoping that he would understand my concerns and agree with them. However, I wasn’t so lucky.

He immediately became a little bit defensive. He swore that he sees UTIs all the time and that the lab report, which was positive for both bacteria and leukocytes (white blood cells) was not indicative of a UTI. He said that he was not implying that I didn’t have one a week later when I saw my specialist, or that the antibiotic I was given didn’t help my symptoms. Simply that I did not have one when I saw him. I asked if it was possible that I did have an infection, but that it wasn’t bad enough to register (haha) on the lab report. He held his ground that no, I did not have an infection when I was in his office.

As far as the specialists are concerned, he said that I have to remember that I am a very special case with extreme intestinal issues and that I will always need to consult with my specialists. He referenced my pain and anxiety medications as examples of why he couldn’t be responsible for refilling my medication. I told him that I wasn’t referring to those medications and that I was aware that I would have to continue seeing both my pain specialist and my psychiatrist for those particular medications, but that I was talking about the rest of my medications. Again, he said that I am a very special case and that I will always have to check in with my specialists. He was missing the whole point. I never said that I was going to quit seeing my specialists, simply that he be the one I see first. Oh, and remember that this is the same doctor who refused to refer me to a rheumatologist…a specialist.

My current concerns were that I am having joint issues, mainly my knees and my hips. Also, I am having a hard time sleeping. I only sleep for two hours at a time before waking up and having to try to fall back asleep again. He said that he believed that my hip discomfort is a result of bursitis and that my knee discomfort a result of my tendons, not my joints. He said that the only treatment for those conditions are NSAIDs but that since I am sensitive to NSAIDs, he really couldn’t do anything about either one of those issues. He said he believed that once I start sleeping better with the medicine he was going to prescribe for my sleep issues, that he thought that the pain/discomfort I feel won’t be so pronounced. The medication he wants to give me for sleep is a Serotonin re-uptake inhibitor that was originally marketed for depression, but is really not effective for depression. I reminded him that I have an extreme sensitivity to depression medication (for more info, check out my About Me page) He said that since it was never really effective for depression, that he didn’t believe I will have a problem with it. By this point however, I don’t know whether to trust him or not. I think I will call and consult with my psychiatrist about whether I should take the medication or not. I will feel safer that way and besides, if I react badly to the medicine, she will be the one who will have to clean up the mess.

So, all in all, the visit was a FAIL. Since he still feels the need to be untruthful, I will begin researching the other GPs in my area. I will stay with him until I mail in the disability paperwork he signed for me that will help me with my school loans and wait for it to be processed before switching doctors. In the meantime, unless I have the flu or a cold, I will continue to consult with my specialists for all my other medical needs. When I do switch doctors, I will proudly carry a copy of my open letter to general practitioners with me so that we begin our relationship on the right foot. I know that good, honest, transparent GPs are out there because I had one at one point. Because of insurance reasons I am no longer able to see her, but I will continue the search for one like her. I will not give up until I find one.


13 thoughts on “Appointment: Fail

  1. Most doctors are going to CTA (you know what that stands for) because of their high liability insurance. They are terrified of being sued. I guess I can’t blame them, but they still need to be open and honest with their patients. I sure hope you find one you click with and meets all your needs. Yes, there are some out there. Because of ObamaCare great physicians are going to be hard to find. Actually, PHYSICIANS are going to be hard to find. 😦


  2. Hi Joy…..sorry about the appointment. I am quietly freaking out because I have to see a “new” NP later today for the first time since my old doctor bailed… is “time to be seen” because they won’t continue refilling my meds without an “appointment”. I am worried. I need my pain meds too, like you, and I have a weird feeling in my gut about whether or not she will give me a hard time about my meds. I have been on them for over 15 years with only one dosage adjustment in all that time so I hope she doesn’t mess with me. You would think no one would be such an ass as to start changing meds on someone they’ve never seen before but I had a doctor do that very thing to me when one of my old docs retired. First time he’d ever laid eyes on me and told me he was going to “wean me off of the vicodin and xanax because he didn’t feel comfortable with me being on those drugs”. I just shook my head at him and said YOU DON”T EVEN KNOW ME. And then I told him to get my records ready, I would be finding a new doctor. That was years ago. I then found a good doc who had no problem prescribing me pain meds. Well now that one has flown the coop and left me in the lurch again, so here we go again with another new face. I am praying that I do everything right and say everything right so that she won’t wave her magic wand and ruin my life by taking my meds away. If she does I have a couple other irons in the fire, a rheumy NP that will require me to sign a pain contract (I have no problem with that, I’m not a five year old) OR another new GP doc that might be an option if this new chick tomorrow doesn’t work out. I am really not up for this bullshit but you gotta do the dance to get what you need, as you know so well. Wish me luck. Wishing you luck as well. xoxo


    • I am wishing you the very best of luck. I know exactly how you feel. I wrote an open letter to general practitioners ( ). It was right before this one. If you like it, you are more than welcome to print it and take it with you. Or, make any changes to it that you see fit. My psychiatrist said that it needed to be “softened up” a little bit. But I wanted to let you know it’s there, if it makes you feel any better. For example, you could add some thing in there about how long you’ve been dealing with your chronic pain and how many years you’ve been on your medication without a dose increase (I read your post the other day). It’s up to you, but I just thought I’d offer. I hope all goes well!


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