Sitting ’round The Kitchen Table

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I was reading some of my older posts yesterday and realized that the way I write has changed. The change wasn’t intentional. Instead I guess it just goes to show how you evolve with time. I suppose another reason that I don’t write as many “what I’ve been up to” posts is that since I have made so many good friends here, I have been discussing these day-to-day things with them. The blog was originally utilized as an ad hoc support system (it still is- I love all you guys) a way of getting all of those thoughts and feelings out that you would tell a friend sitting at the kitchen table over coffee or tea. I don’t have any doctors appointment stories to tell y’all since I rescheduled all of my appointments this past week because of the weather. But I can tell you basically what I’ve been up to.

This week was a wonderful reprieve from my normally busy schedule of doctors appointments and physical therapy. I spent most of my days resting, and reading and writing blog posts. I bought a big, cushy Lazy Boy recliner so that I would be able to get out of bed a little, and thanks to a recent medication change I have spent the majority of my days in said recliner other than lying down. That alone is a major improvement since the one position that most aggravates my pain the most is sitting up. Granted, I wouldn’t have been able to do that in a regular chair, but my new one is perfect. It’s big enough that I can cross my legs while sitting in it, which helps to relieve some of the pressure from being in a regular, seated position. I have also recently noticed that I can go longer without taking my break-through pain medication while resting, but I still need it to do any sort of house work. Small victories, but I’ll take what I can get.

I have been working on crocheting my first lap blanket. I got quite a bit done when I realized that I might run out of yarn because I had made it WAY too big. I bet you’re thinking, ok so just buy more yarn. Nope. This yarn was given to me by my sister and there is no telling how long ago she bought it. I have looked to see if I could find the same yarn at the store and NADA. So, I sucked it up and unraveled two skeins worth of work. Today while sitting in my chair (that’s what I wanted the blanket for anyway) I will make sure that the width is what I want it to be before proceeding with starting ALL. OVER. AGAIN. Argh! It’s ok, though, because it was good experience and I will know next time to measure better.

As an update, my dog Bailey who had surgery a while back is doing great! She has completely recovered from her surgery and is finished with her special food, meaning that she has been able to go back to a regular diet and eat with her brother and sister again. I know that she is glad about that. I also finally finished paying off the vet bill for said surgery. Even though the vet I use charges fairly and allows payments, it was still a big bill and the three payments they allow were a lot bigger than I would have liked. However, my babies are worth it to me. Next to go to the doctor will be Molly. She has recently gained a lot of weight even though she eats the same amount as her sister. She also has a hard time getting around. I don’t know if the weight gain is the reason for her mobility issues or if the mobility issues are the reason for the weight gain. It kind of reminds me of the chicken and the egg. Once the underlying issue is dealt with, I am assuming that she will be put on a special diet as well. I’m not too excited about that because the prescription dog food is EXPENSIVE, but like I said before, my babies are worth it. They keep me laughing and like they say, laughter is the best medicine.

So which posts do you like better? The ‘sitting round the kitchen table’ kind or the more informative kind?


11 thoughts on “Sitting ’round The Kitchen Table

  1. I like a mixture. I like the “sitting around the kitchen kind” with a few informative posts – the posts that tells us about your doctor appointments and the posts that explains what adhesions are. They are all very interesting. You are interesting! Your life is interesting (although you don’t think so)! I just wished you didn’t have to experience so much pain, or any pain at all! But are lives are what they are. (Mine too).

    I wanted to tell you about the cushion I buy to use to sit on. It is 4″ thick and is what they use to put in wheelchairs. I buy it from Dr. Leonards. It is $29.99. (I am sure you could find the store online). For me, the price is worth it. I would not be able to sit without it. The cushion is soft and also strong (In case you have a big bottom like me. :D) In fact, I sit on 2 of them if I am sitting for a long time at home.


    • I actually have a wheelchair cushion but I bought it from the pharmacy and paid almost double that, so for my next one I will definitely Google this Dr. Leonard’s. The one I have is the kind with the cutout in the back. It’s good at times, but I would like a solid one as well. I usually take it with me when I’m in the car or when I know where I’m going has really hard seats. Is yours gel and foam? Mine is, I like it, but sometimes I think the gel makes it a little too sturdy. I don’t know if they make them with just the foam or if that would not hold up as well. What do you think?


  2. The one I use is foam and it has 1″ squares on the top that are cut about 1/2″ deep in order for the cushion to have some “give” and the cushion is a solid square. I love it! I would not be able to do gel cushions, they are too hard for me.


  3. Well, this is the first post I’ve read and I liked it! But it also means I can’t answer your question! 🙂 But it was good, so I’ll be back for more!
    And my last sectional was a lazy boy and a hand me down, but I loved it so much that I bought one for myself when I had to replace it! They are so comfy and last forever!


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