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Less than 24 hours since I started my Facebook page, and I am already teaching others about Adhesions. That made me feel so great. There was one person, I don’t know if the person even got to read the blogs, but just by seeing a blurry (it was the only one I had- mental note to self: try to find a clearer one) picture depicting adhesions and she wrote to let me know she had checked out the page because a friend of hers had “liked” it and she has an invisible illness herself, so she had a look. This SOOOO made my day. One more person to learn about adhesions – and just from a drawing. Hopefully the fire was lit under her to research them more. YAY! This is my dream coming true. I want to raise awareness for adhesions for two reasons:

1)  So that people who are suffering from them know what to ask when they go to the doctor. Since no test shows them, the only way for a diagnosis is to have laparoscopic surgery. If that cuts ANY time off from the normal time it takes to be diagnosed with these nasty little buggers, then that is how much faster that person can find a doctor who understands and can get some relief.

2)  So that adhesions become more wide known and they cease to become the medical profession’s biggest secret. They don’t want you to know about them for some reason. If you have read my page “My History – Back Story” or even better yet, the post “Be Your Own Advocate” then you know how doctors try to understate the real damage that these bad boys can do…and you can see how long it took me to get a straight answer about them…and I was lucky!

Please go by and check out my page and “like”. Also, ask others you know to do the same. Things like this have a snowball effect like is shown with this girl. She just went because a friend of hers did. Plus, you all know like I do that many people hide their chronic illness, especially until they get a diagnosis. Please help me reach my dream of helping one person to get diagnosed sooner or to just get the word out about what they are so that when a loved one comes up and tells them they have adhesions, they don’t get the slap-in-the-face response of no one ever having heard of them. I’ve been through that. I still deal with that. It’s hard not to have anyone who understands.


9 thoughts on “Please “Like” And Share

  1. I definitely have checked out your posts and I especially love your post on advocating for yourself.

    I really like your writing style and I can’t wait to check out the rest!!

    I’ll keep sharing your Facebook posts because Adhesions is really not something that people should have no knowledge of.

    Thanks for taking the time to create wonderful content. I’m glad that I made your day. 🙂


    • You really did! 😊. It’s so hard to get something out there for the public when so many doctors don’t even acknowledge them, or if they do, they don’t believe that they can cause pain.


  2. You mean share the information, not the adhesions… right? I read the title and thought (briefly), “Oh, okay, I’ll take some adhesions and pass it down the table,” or something like that.

    Sorry, I have a rather warped sense of humor. I mean, I’m trying. Seriously. My next thought was, “Eww, guts!” (I did say I was trying, wasn’t I?)

    I am waiting for a certain doctor’s medical assistant to call back, see if I can do the stimulator procedures with him. Different doc than the one that was going to do it Monday. Made the phone call yesterday, waiting for her to call… *fingers crossed*


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