My New Year


For New Years Eve I went to my sister’s house. They had made posole, a traditional Mexican soup made with pork and hominy. There was music, but they kept it low enough that it didn’t drive me crazy (it seems I have become very sensitive to loud sounds lately). We ate, chatted, and had a pretty good time. I had one glass of wine so that I wouldn’t feel left out. The plan was to spend the night because even if you’re not drinking, who wants to be on the road for an hour on New Years Eve? Not me!

Well, around 10:00 my sister mentioned that she had been invited to someone’s house for New Years but wasn’t going because I was there. After hearing the pros of going to the other house and her inviting me to go, I told her that I really didn’t feel like it, but that she could go if she wanted. This is why I didn’t want to go:

When I decided to make the trip to my sister’s house it was because I: 1) made sure I could sleep in her bed that night 2) knew that if I was tired from the drive down or if I got tired during the night, I would be able to lay down on her bed to rest 3) knew that I would have a soft, comfy chair to sit in while there.

So, the thought of going to someone’s house who I don’t know, wouldn’t be able to lay down (who wants to lie on a stranger’s bed? Not me!), and didn’t know what kind of seating they had…well, it sounded like a crappy idea. And I told her so. Well, then she started getting sleepy and M said he was going to say we would go to see if that was her problem. To be honest, it worked like a charm. She popped to attention and blamed it on eating a cookie (yeah, right).

Well, when I realized he had gone from playing around to being serious, I started to panic. It was already after midnight, I had had two doctors appointments that day besides the hour drive and sitting up for 3 hours visiting and I was EXHAUSTED! I told them that I really didn’t feel like going but that they were all more than welcome to go. No one seemed to want to leave me behind. I told them I was a big girl, and could take care of myself, and besides my nephew was home. They weren’t paying much attention to me and wanted me to get my shoes on and my sister went to change. This was the point where the panic really started to set in. I was nauseated and my mouth began to salivate like I was about to throw up. My head was pounding and my heart was racing. If they hadn’t finally agreed to go without me, I believe a full-blown panic attack would have began.

They finally left and it took me 30 minutes and a nerve pill to calm down. As soon as I did, I fell asleep…and slept all night! It has been a REALLY long time since I have slept a full night. As soon as we all woke up, it was time to come back home to my babies who had been holding it all night and really needed to be let out.

Today, I have pretty much lounged around and had Chinese food for lunch/dinner. So, that was my New Years in a nutshell. I am still exhausted and know it is going to take a while to recuperate, but all in all I had a really good time (sans the impending anxiety attack).

I hope all of you had a great New Years Eve and Day. How was it? Were you able to celebrate comfortably somewhere or did you stay home?



8 thoughts on “My New Year

  1. I had a quiet day. I made Psole’ and Tortillas and some friends from my church came over and had lunch with me. I am sorry you almost had a panic attack last night! Glad you didn’t have one after all, and then had a good nights sleep. Happy New Year Joy!


  2. Me gusta pozole. I’ve made it a fair time or two.

    I spent New Year’s at C4C (redubbed “Come for Company”) because I wasn’t going to pay nearly $50 to go to local First Night with my kids, the way I normally do. Stupid Ticketmaster.


  3. New Year’s Eve was pretty good for the most part. My mom, sister, and I went out to get our hair cut. On the way there, my nerves decided to be stupid and when my feet and hands started to get numb, I could feel a borderline panic attack coming on. However, I told myself, “I’m not going to die. I’m not going to faint. It’s just my brain and nerves being stupid. It’ll pass.” After having some lunch, I felt a little better.

    I know how you feel when if something overwhelming comes up (like doing something when you have practically no energy left) and it makes you feel panicked. At least you were able to stay at your sister’s house and get some rest.

    Hope you have a good day today! 🙂


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