Merry Christmas (To Us All)

It’s Christmas! Whether it’s already the 25th where you live or whether you celebrate on the 24th instead of the 25th, Christmas time is here. Now, I’m ready for it.

I know that over Thanksgiving things were a little harder and I wrote two posts, one entitled Unhappy Thanksgiving (To Me) and Happy Thanksgiving (To You) hence the title of today’s post, Merry Christmas (To Us All). Around the first of this month, I was thinking that Christmas this year would be just like Thanksgiving – completely BLAH! However, I have found that somewhere along the way I started to become more and more prepared for the holiday at hand. I may not have a huge family to share the day with or, I may have a huge family but I am unable to be with them because my illness prevents it (probably both). I have tried to have a more positive outlook than I did this summer when I found out that the adhesions are here to stay. It is my job to learn how to live my life around them. It was a hard pill to swallow (and I have swallowed some doozies in my day) and I did fall into somewhat of a depression. I don’t know when, where, or how, but it seems I have pulled myself out of it. I have learned to be grateful for what I do have. I am still able to eat a Christmas dinner while some people with adhesions are on liquid diets. I have one big someone and three smaller someones to spend Christmas with while many have no one. It may be a little difficult for us right now, but things seem to be looking up. And, I have food to prepare for Christmas dinner while many will go hungry.

My life may not be perfect (hell, it’s never been perfect) but it is the life I have been given. For some reason God thinks that I am strong enough to handle it, so handle it I will! I will also be grateful for it. I AM STILL ALIVE. That’s all we can really ask for anyway, right? The rest is just icing on the cake.

Company 4 Christmas

Company 4 Christmas

For any of you who will be alone on Christmas, there has been a blog set up for you to “chat” with others so that you feel a little less lonely. The address is WordPress has given me so much; so many good friends. I will take Christmas Day to give back to WordPress. I will be volunteering at CompanyForChristmas on the 25th. I don’t have a specific time set up to go. When I find I have a little free time, you will find me there. Just look for my page Joynpain2 in the sidebar. If it’s there, so am I. If it’s not, I’m sure you will find many great volunteers that you can chat with for a little while until I get back. There are a couple of things you should note. If you are using your computer’s browser, you will need to refresh often. If you are on the WordPress app (according to my trial run) you should get notification almost immediately. I hope to see you or someone you know who will be alone (or even just feels lonely) there.

I’m not a rich woman. Hell, a lot of times I have trouble getting my bills paid. So obviously I don’t have gifts to give to you, my friends. Some of you I have become extremely close to and I cherish every moment that we have “together”. There is one gift that I can give you, and that give I give with my whole heart. I give you the gift of my friendship. It’s not much, but it’s given with love. Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope that it is truly magical for you and your families.


24 thoughts on “Merry Christmas (To Us All)

  1. Joy, I hope your Christmas is wonderful! I hope and pray that God sends you blessings that will end your pain or help you with your pain. If you are on the CompanyForChristmas site on the 25th, then maybe I will be chatting with you. God bless you!


  2. That’s wonderful that you’re doing a charitable thing on Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚ I might stop by depending on what I’m doing tomorrow. Have a wonderful holiday, my friend! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Merry Christmas To you to Dear friend, I am glad you wont be alone, I am glad your having a BETTER out look on things. What you posted, I could of never said better myself, about the gitt of friendship, Bless your heart, Lord knows this year I feel bless from just starting my blog right before Thanksgiving and meeting all the wonderful people I have met, and some more special than others ๐Ÿ™‚ That is a gift for me this year, like you wouldn’t believe. Thanks for your gift of friendship, Happy Holidays, We will skype soon!!!!!! Fibro Hugs, Amanda in Ohio


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  5. I give you the gift of my friendship.

    Cimmy and I aren’t rich, either, so this suits just fine.

    Christmas is going great– I am still wondering what New Year’s will be like, all threaded up…


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