The Connection Award

One award that I need to accept today is the Connection Award. It has taken me a while to accept because dealing with awards is quite the chore for me physically (sitting straight up) and mentally (all the open tabs, links, and notifications all going on at once). If it takes me a while to accept your award, please know that it is not for lack of appreciation, but from lack of energy.

This award, the Connection Award, was given to me by Jenn at Jenn is such a sweetheart and has such a positive outlook on life, that she is truly inspiring to me. We met as followers, moved to a buyer/seller relationship and from there into a friendship. I believe that out of all the awards that I have received, I am most proud of this one since I was the only nominee. A whole post about me. I was surprised and it made quite an impression on my ego! However, I feel that the act of kindness she describes in her nomination post was just something I felt I should do. Nothing special, just me being me and respecting her as a crafter.

This is from the creator of the connection award,

“After I re-read this post of Jenny’s, I felt connected. I felt I had cried on her shoulder and she was there for me. Sometimes, If you can’t be with some one physically, because they live in another state or country, connecting through real, unbridled blog posts is the next best thing.

So, I am creating this connection award. It’s intent is to give to bloggers when you feel particularly connected to someone through a post or posts they’ve written. The rules are simple. Write a post about how you were feeling and what specific post you read on another’s blog and give them this award, for them to display on their blog. That’s it. The simplest things are often the most meaningful.”

I am nominating Tammy @ Walk With Me On My Journey Of Illness…. I know when she reads this she is going to have a fit because she is receiving ANOTHER award. However, Tammy is the blogger I feel most connected to. My main illness is “pelvic and abdominal adhesions”. It is a problem that a great many people suffer from, but that is rarely diagnosed. Because of that, it can feel quite lonely sometimes that no one understands the unique sense of pain that they cause. Tammy has been diagnosed with other conditions, but the one she is suffering with the most right now is the adhesions. I know this because she and I have not only become friends, but best friends. I mention her frequently because she has just become that big a part of my life. If I had to choose a post that made me feel the most connected to her, it would probably be Adhesions- The Dark Monster Within, however my connection with her runs much deeper than a single post.  I hope she realizes how very much she means to me.



10 thoughts on “The Connection Award

  1. Thank you so much Joy and I sure hope that you know I feel the exact same way about you. I really wanted to skype with you today, however, I’ve spent my entire day attempting to get health care coverage through what a fucking joke. My entire day, literally. Sigh……………………………I can’t even get into it here. Oh, and thank you to Leslie, as well. hi there, girl! just a little shout out to Leslie, another one of my dear friends. It’s now 10:15 p.m. and I just now got off the phone with them, again, after another 2 hours with the problem still unresolved. Looks like I’ll be spending my entire weekend on this. I better just shut it right now. LOL not really laughing, about to have a heart attack. I know this is about the time you usually fall out for a bit so maybe we can skype tomorrow. I love you, girl. Hope you are feeling better today, tonight, whatever.


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