Patches and Gloves

So it turns out that the steroid patch that I was given yesterday by my physical therapist did not do the trick on my hip(s). I guess that means that it might not have bursitis. I suppose that is a good thing, but now I’m in the dark again as to what could be wrong with my hips. They hurt from my bottom to my lower back and down the outside of the leg. I would go to my GP, but I still don’t trust him at this point. I may have to get a referral for a new GP. That sounds so weird to say, because usually they are the ones giving the referral to go to a specialist, not the other way around. I know, I know…I’m just backwards 😜.

On another note, I have 3 dogs that love me, a roof over my head, a vehicle to drive, and clothes to wear. I know from weeks past that things could be much worse, so I am grateful for all that I have and that the pain has subsided some. Some is better than none and I will take every one point off that scale of 10 that I can get! Also, Jenn @ just made me the cutest pair of crocheted fingerless gloves! She even let me pick out my own color. They will be in the mail and on my hands before the end of the week. I’m so excited! So, if you get a chance, check out her blog and there is a link at the top for her online shop.


29 thoughts on “Patches and Gloves

  1. I tried Morphine patches for a while, did not a thing. Gabapentin after 15 years from a very young age, and I am feeling a little better. You tried this?


    • No, the one she gave me was a steroid patch. As far as pain management, I have been lucky enough to be able to reasonably control pain with just pills. I’m not comfortable publishing, but we can discuss medications in chat on Facebook if you want.


  2. That’s exactly where my pain develops, I have just been diagnosed with spondyloarthritis as the MRI imaging showed inflammation between joints. xx


        • I asked my general doctor to refer me to a rheumatologist and was told that she wouldn’t see me anyway because the lab work all came back ok. I’m thinking of asking my pelvic pain doc (Ob/Gyn) to make the referral.


          • It was by sheer luck that I got to see this guy. My husband told me to ask my GP to prescribe a medication that seems to be beneficial for FM and ME. He couldn’t so he asked my rheumatologist if he was happy to prescribe and he was not up to date with it — he referred me to his colleague who is the rheumatologist and pain specialist. He re evaluated me and the study that he is part of has discovered that blood results can be normal but if MRI and other investigations are done, along with examination and history then a patient can be seen to have seronegative spondyloarthritis.

            He could see the swelling on my wrists and along my spine, also on my shoulders and elbows. I wasn’t aware of it but he knows what he is looking for.

            I’m on prednisolone at present which is taking down the swelling.


          • That’s really good luck that you found him. I will call on Monday. I know my body really well and the pains that correlate with my adhesions. This hip pain is new and very bothersome. I know that I have arthritis some places (they found it on my right knee when doing surgery for a torn meniscus and I believe I was told once that I have some in my back). I don’t know if it is in other places because no tests have been done.


  3. Hi there. sorry to hear about this new pain in your hips. I do have bursitis in my hips and it does hurt. The only thing that has ever helped with that was the injections, which I believe were corticosteroids, can’t remember for sure, but it helped a great deal and was pain free in my hips for a good 3 or 4 months. I need to get it done again as it hurts to lay on my sides. Sorry, we haven’t had a chance to talk on the phone, but Friday was Dan’s birthday and I was in so much pain, so we hung out as a family last night. The girls made dinner, but not the dinner they planned on making because it was getting late and it takes a long time to cook what they wanted to cook, so they took care of dinner last night, but did the actual birthday dinner and cake tonight. I was awake all the night before until 8:30 a.m. this morning and slept until around 5:30 p.m. tonight and had the birthday dinner and I was able to spend time with Dan because my pain is getting so bad, I wasn’t much fun Friday night. And, now i’ve been awake all night again, as it is now 6:55 a.m. My friend was supposed to come over today, but ditched me because she forgot that it was her anniversary and is now supposed to be coming over tomorrow, but that probably won’t happen because we are in this deep freeze and it’s supposed to snow a tiny bit and everyone gets all freaked out about it and she doesn’t live too close to me, so I’m not really expecting her to make it, so if she can’t make it over her today, I will call you for sure. Hope you’re not mad at me, but life does what it wants to do to me and I get no choice. I could do without this fucking pain and no sleep. I hadn’t seen much from you on wordpress so I didn’t know if you were down and out, too or if you thought I was avoiding you. NEVER would I do that, just so you know. So, hopefully, I will get to talk to you today or tonight because I’ll either have a fiend here or I’ll be sleeping since I’m still awake at this hour. Take care and I hope you are at least sleeping. I am really looking forward to our phone chat, it’s been awhile. We haven’t gone this long since we started talking on the phone, hell we usually talk a few times a week. We should have plenty to talk about. I still love ya, girl, you just gotta bear with me because I’m not always functionable and I’m sure you understand that. Great big HUGS and I really, really, really hope we get to talk today. I’m excited about my gloves and Jenn said mine are next. I saw a picture on her blog and I’m pretty sure those must have been yours because they were the ones she was done with or still working on. Pretty colors. We WILL be talking soon. I hope you are ok.
    Your favorite Wild Thang:)


    • Oh, sweetheart, how could I be mad at you? Especially when you explained some of it to me the other day. The phone has charged all night, so I’m ready for you call WHENEVER! You’re so silly thinking I would be mad. Oh, but we do have a lot to talk about! Some things I just can’t publish anymore, know what I mean? So yeah, as soon as you’re ready. Even if you end up sleeping all day and wake up at 10:00, go ahead and call. I’ll bring my phone in the bedroom.


      • I really enjoyed our skype tonight. That was a lot of fun and a very good distraction from this pain. It was still hurting, but being distracted helped A LOT. Can’t wait till our next skype session. SOON! You hang in there girl cause me and you, we’re gonna beat this shit some how, some way. How? I haven’t figured that part out yet, but I am working on it. LOL I love ya, girl.
        Wild Thang:)


  4. Joy, I have to disagree with your GP. Having negative lab work does not mean a rheumy won’t see you…most people with Fibro have negative lab work. That said, a GP should be able to diagnose bursitis, if it even is bursitis. Some will offer steroid injections that go right into the bursae. I’m not familiar with a steroid patch but short google indicated that it was more of a natural method of pain relief. I’m not sure one patch will do the trick. Here are some links that will give you more info on bursitis, it’s causes, and treatment methods.

    Good luck girl!


    • Thanks, Leslie. Yeah I figured that he just didn’t want to mess with it. I really need to look for a new GP because anyone who will lie to their patient’s face just because they don’t WANT to do something. Or, maybe I will go tell him that he’s not messing with some spring chicken and that I’ve caught him in a lie and a misdiagnosis. He can shape up or I’ll ship out. I don’t say this for him, mind you, just for me because changing GP doctors is a B#&$H!


      • I think Drs get complacent just like anyone else, I dumped a pediatrician because he refused to give me a referral for a cardiologist when my youngest was a year old…he was born with a hole in his heart…it healed on it’s own but we wanted a 1 yr follow up. New Dr sent me right over and I’m glad he did, the kid has cardiac issues and we occasionally still have to see the heart Dr. They’ve got to know that they aren’t God and we have choices.


  5. I just wanted to let you know that I deactivated my Facebook account for the time being due to being harassed by a customer (one of the two that haven’t responded to my previous messages). However, the good news is that I wrote your address down so I’ll be able to send out your fingerless gloves. I may not be able to keep my store page on Facebook because I don’t want those two irate, big-mouthed customers to tell everyone how much of a bitch I am. Well it was their own faults for not responding to my cordial messages! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I will send yours and Tammy’s items out as soon as I can.


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