Today has been a better day than yesterday. Other than the 3 hours I spent at the doctor’s office, all in all it has been a pretty good day. I got to talk to my best friend for a little while, which always makes me feel better, and M- was even nice to me today after he got home. I haven’t hurt quite as bad as I have been, so I am hoping that if I take all day tomorrow to rest, maybe I’ll be over this flare (or bad days) by Saturday so that I can go to church.

Speaking of church, I got a letter today from the priest welcoming me to the church and encouraging me to take part in as many of the “[church] community activities” as I was able to. I am still excited about this. I think that I may have found my place this time and a church family that I can be a part of. I mean, I had already been invited by the office manager (the first friend I made there) to attend the Tuesday dinners and adult Catholicism classes and even the knitting/crochet group that meets every other Monday. But for some reason, having a letter from the priest “officially” welcoming me to the family makes it a little more special. I hate to cut this short, but I want to make sure that this gets published on time so that I don’t miss a day. November is almost over and I am so proud that even on my roughest days I was able to write a little something to share with you all. Even though NaBloPoMo will be over soon, I may just set a new goal to write every day until the end of the year. It feels good to set goals and actually achieve them. I’ve always been told to just take baby steps in my goals, but I guess I shoot a little higher than what should be a baby step. Let’s just add that to the list of things I need to work on πŸ™‚ . Goodnight everyone.


4 thoughts on “Official

  1. So glad you had a better day, girl. I wish you many more. Rest, as your body tells you to and then get up and do whatever it is you wish to do. I hope you enjoy your new church. That will give you a place to not only worship, but to make new friends, as well. I know, you are like me, you need your people. Have an awesome day and I’m looking forward to our next phone chat.
    Peace and Hugs,
    Wild Thang πŸ™‚


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