Unfortunately, I am still having a rough day today. I was invited at Mass on Saturday night to go ahead and start attending the adult catholic lessons and dinner was going to be served since so many go after work. I truly wanted to go and start learning about the church and its beliefs, but most of all I was looking forward to the fellowship and spending time with other people. Instead, I am a prisoner to my pain and am stuck in bed.

I get really anxious when this happens. I know that it’s the worst thing I can do, but I go over and over in my head “will I be ok tomorrow? Will I be able to make it fairly well through the appointments I have scheduled for tomorrow? Will having two appointments tomorrow just make it worse?” Only time will tell and at lest my appointments are with my therapist and the new psychiatrist. I still don’t like seeing a shrink, but hey, I guess the first step is admitting you have a problem. Hello, my name is Joy and I am a chronic pain patient who stays anxious, plus, there is some depression creeping in, but I can’t take regular antidepressants because they just make it worse. Oh well, at least I’m trying.

Oh, I wanted to show everyone how far along I’ve gotten on making my first scarf. This is the first anything I have crocheted, so it is taking me a long time, but I will eventually finish, just as I will eventually feel better!



11 thoughts on “Eventually

    • Thank you. It’s called autumn red and I just loved it when I saw it! I usually go more towards pink in my likes, but this year I have been on a red kick…we’ll see how it goes.


  1. The scarf looks great! It’s great that you’re learning to crochet. I’ve thought about it. It seems like it would be very relaxing. I hope you’re feeling better today.


    • That’s exactly why I started, was because people were saying how relaxing it is. I find it much easier than knitting (which I tried first to no avail). One tip: don’t waste money on how-to books in the store. You can find all kinds of videos and such on the internet for free…besides, they’re easier to learn from than the books.


      • I just read a story about a lady who was trapped under the rubble of her house in an earthquake and she just sat there calmly croqueting until the rescue team found her! I might just check out some of those how-to videos. I figured there was no way I could learn from a book but maybe I could from a video. Thanks for the tip!


      • Doesn’t matter when you get it done. It’s something you can be proud of. You made it with your own two hands and then, of course, it’s something useful that you can use to keep you warm. I believe you will have it done sooner than you think. You can also use it as a distraction to keep your mind off of all the pain.
        Peace and Hugs,
        Wild Thang


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