My New Church


I found my new church today. It’s called Saint Patrick. I stopped by today to see when their service times were. I ended up staying for close to two hours talking to the office manager. She was wonderful. She took me around to see the building, left a message for the priest about joining the RCIA which is basically a class that teaches you all about the Catholic Church and explains why they do what they do and why they believe what they believe. Classes actually started in September, and then by Easter you are supposed to be prepared for your baptism. She is going to see if it is too late for me to enter these classes. She completely calmed my nerves about going to church with my cushion, and she even gave me my first prayer book so that I can start learning the new prayers. To someone who was raised southern Baptist, the Catholic Church is quite a change, but there are many parts of it that I enjoy. I like the structure of it. I like how very educated every priest is, and I like that it doesn’t matter which Catholic Church you go to, you will learn the same lesson. No worries like the Baptist churches that one church will preach something completely different from the next one. That stability is there and that is what I need in my life right now. I was made to feel very welcomed. Therefore, either on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning I will be attending Saint Patrick Catholic Church. It was exactly the kind of welcome that I had hoped for.

My heart already has a little more peace in it, knowing that I will be well accepted into this church. That’s always the scariest part…the first visit. That fear was taken from me and smooshed into the ground.



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