My Friends


I think I’ll talk about friends. I have met some amazing people on this website, who right now are some of the closest friends I have. My point in joining Facebook to this site is that I felt I had no friends. Then I thought, maybe I would if I would let them. See, I had hid here at home for so long, a lot of people didn’t even know I was sick.

I have one friend who I met when she came -not as an exchange student, but an exchange teacher. She has been keeping up with the blog and writes to see how I’m doing. She said that if there was anyway she could, she would come and help me out right now that I’m having a hard time of things with M-.

Other than her, I have a friend I met on here, Tammy. Usually we email each other, but then we’ve gotten to where we talk on the phone. We are going through such similar things…her friendship has meant the world to me lately.

I also have a friend Richard. He has a hard time typing so sometimes the conversations can be a little one-sided (which you guys know I usually have no problem talking) but he is able to give me more caring and more support than just about anyone in those few sentences that he is able to write.

I still can’t believe that I put off writing this blog for so long, when so many great friendships have come from it. I think a few are still under construction, but we will soon be great friends too. It really is true that you can get more love and support from people thousands of miles away than those who are right next door. I wonder why that is? For whatever reason, I wouldn’t trade these friends of mine. They give me strength and courage to do things that I never thought possible. They take me as I am, at face value, with chronic pain, a fiery little temper,a little bit of southern charm, and some strange sayings and they still love me. I love them too. I just wanted to take some time to let them know that.



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