My Day Today


Well, I had a semi-productive day today.  I got up (notice I didn’t say wake up- I had been up most of the night…damn stress!) and made a cup of tea. Why is a southern girl having hot tea in the morning instead of coffee?  Hell if I know other than the fact that I found that I really like it.  Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE a glass of cold sweet tea, but I also love a mug of hot black tea in the morning.  I have found that the Irish breakfast tea is a little stronger than the English breakfast tea, so it holds up better to my cream and sugar (you didn’t really think that was going to change, did you?) So, after my cup of tea and Concha (which is a Mexican sweet bread) I read a few posts and then decided that I needed to do something before going to the doctor (for trigger point injections).

So, I swept the floor, put down my yoga mat, and did my physical therapy exercises.  As a matter of fact, most of the exercises I do for physical therapy are modified yoga moves (who knew?).  Anyway, I had read about this yoga called Yoga Nidra.  It’s supposed to be like sleeping while awake…ok I know that made no sense at all.  Ok, you are supposed to be so relaxed during the session that it is as if you had gotten a couple of good hours of sleep (which I desperately need) but you do it while completely conscious.  I just had to try it.

So I googled Yoga Nidra (don’t you just love the way that Google has now become a verb…along with Twitter’s tweet…sorry, linguistics interest me :)) and I found a great video on You Tube (you can see it here) where the lady talks you through it. Se had a soft, sweet voice and there wasn’t a bunch of noise in the background like you get a lot with You Tube videos.  At the end, they even pointed out a link where you could download the mp3 of what you had just listened to.  I love free stuff. 🙂  Anyway, except for the fact that I was on a thin yoga mat on a hardwood floor and had nothing to put under my knees to take the pressure off of my lower back, it really helped to relax me.  I got up, rolled up my mat and put everything away, resumed my usual place on the bed and… fell asleep until just before my doctors appointment.  I’m so doing it again tonight to see if it helps.  I know it will probably help me go to sleep, but I don’t know about staying asleep…we’ll have to see about that one.

So, I woke up and raced around getting dressed to go to the doctor.  I have had trigger point injections many times in my lower back and pelvis, but never in my shoulder blades.  It was totally different.  Usually, the doctor pokes around until he hits a trigger point and then he marks it.  After he gets them all, he starts the injections. This doctor (this was at the pain clinic) explained that the trigger points in your shoulder blades are usually all in the same spots, so he used ultrasound and to see when he hit a trigger point, the muscle around it twitches, so he knows he’s in the right spot.  The other difference was that my other doctor (pelvic pain specialist) always puts a hot pack on where he has just injected and the pain clinic didn’t.  That meant that when I got got I went straight for the heat pack and the microwave.

I used the heat pack for about an hour and then I used this gel I bought at the physical therapist’s office called Biofreeze.  It works wonders for sore muscles, so I lathered it on.  I’m still a little sore, but hoping that it will have resolved itself by tomorrow (they usually do).

And so, that has been my day so far.  Of course, I have at least another 30-45 minutes on here reading posts that I follow and answering comments…spending time with my “WordPress family”.  After that I may make myself another cup of tea (I’m thinking chai or chamomile) to get ready for bed.  I hope your days have all been “joyful” (hahaha).  Ok, I hope that your days have been low-pain and if not, that they will be tomorrow!


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