Trapped in a body that’s not mine,
I want to run free, but I am in chains.

Trapped in a life that’s not mine,
I was meant to do more than this.

Trapped in a cycle of appointments,
Doctors, physical therapy, surgeries, procedures.

Trapped in a place I don’t know,
I want to feel safe, but I don’t.

Trapped in the cold,
I need some warmth…

Trapped in the heat,
I need some air.

Trapped because I trusted too easily,
Trust will no longer be free.

Trapped in a life I don’t want,
A life that’s not mine to take.

Trapped with so much love to give
And cursed with no new life to give it to.

Trapped because I loved too much,
This kind of love only traps me more.

Trapped in a cruel cycle of pain
Physical, emotional, more physical.

And I see no way out.



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