NaBloPoMo November 2013Ok, so I decided that I would join the NaBloPoMo this month.  I have been thinking about how I need more inspiration to write and, well, a chance at an iPad mini is GREAT inspiration!  If you are interested in writing, but not signing up, well friends, put your blogging boots on yourself.  If you would like to join for the chance to win a prize, you can go to the BlogHer website at this page To add yourself to the blog roll. And of course, if you find yourself bored, without anything to read, you can check out some of the blogs already registered on the blog roll at the same page as above (but I’ll give it to you again here).

Af first thought this seemed like it might be a little hard for me to do…I mean I have never written every day for a week, much less a month. However, with all the emotions running through me lately, it might not be that bad. I mean hell, I wrote a poem!?! I haven’t written a poem since it was required in school. I guess emotions will do that sort of thing to a person (and mine are going 90 to nothing)! I am living the proverbial roller-coaster right now. One minute M- is sorry and knows what he’s done and “it will get better” and the next minute it is the same shit as always. Well, I guess although it hurts, the pain reminds me I’m still alive.


24 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo

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