Graduation, Feeling Better, and Doggy Kisses

NaBloPoMo November 2013I have had a really busy, but very good past two days. The physical therapy is starting to help more and so is the medication.

Today I “graduated” from the physical therapy on my knee. Who knew that one could recover so quickly from a surgery like that. My leg has gotten stronger, enough so that I can now stand on it with my whole weight and it doesn’t hurt.  I have also quit limping. They gave me a sheet full of exercises to continue to do to stretch and strengthen my leg muscles. Maybe that will help with the nightly cramps. You know, the “charley horses” you get at night and all you can do to make them stop is to get up and walk around. That’s one of the things that prevent me from sleeping well at night.  Well, when you “graduate”, they ring this bell to let everyone in the gym know that you’ve graduated.  It’s like a cow bell. It’s so embarrassing!  Now that everyone has gotten to know me pretty good, not just the pelvic girls, they made me ring my own bell.  Well, apparently my first ring was “weak” so I had to ring it again, loud and clear and with bravado…so I did. I do deserve it.

I saw the pain management specialist yesterday “my nurse practitioner”.  Office visits go so much better when you don’t have to go through any history, but can go straight into discussing the treatment plan. That’s what we did. The extended release medication has helped the pain enough that I actually have a little extra energy to do things around the house (that was my goal- to be well enough to clean house).  Don’t think that I will be scrubbing floors anytime soon like my friend Julie, or doing windows for that matter.  Just as long as I’m able to wash dishes, wash clothes (it’s not the washing, but the folding that gets me) and cleaning the bathroom. Oh, and sweeping.  I’m almost there.  Since the extended release medication that they gave me at night to try has helped, they gave it to me every 12 hours. Granted, I have only begun the treatment since today, but today I had a lot of running around to do.  I still came home and fell straight into bed, but I did PT and running around…I’m getting better.

I still haven’t decided on the new “pelvic pain” physical therapist. She’s good, don’t get me wrong, but my last PT therapist for the adhesions did a lot more manual manipulation where she would stretch out the adhesions that have grown into the muscle.  I know that sounds painful (and oh boy is it ever!) but the next day my muscles were much more relaxed. If she would do more of that, I think I would improve even faster, but I don’t want to tell her how to do her job.  She has specialized in pelvic pain for like 13 years…she’s good.  It’s just that I know my body and i have so many trigger points that I’ve got the pelvic pain doctor doing trigger point injections to my pelvis and lower back, but now they are going to do more trigger point injections at the pain clinic on my upper back (like between my shoulder blades) because the muscles there have gotten so tight that I am having headaches from it. Those are scheduled in a couple of weeks, so hopefully they help.  Otherwise, I will have to try a new muscle relaxer which, to be quite honest, scares the bejezus out of me. The last time I tried a new muscle relaxer, it did not help at all and landed me in bed for close to a week before they were able to get me back on the ones I take now. They have worked the best so far, but I am almost max dose on them, so I’m sure something new will be introduced. I don’t really like them messing with my “cocktail” of medication. Everything has side effects, but when taken with other meds…watch out! Hopefully the injections will help and that’s it.

Bailey is so happy to be home! I think the other dogs are glad, too. I have to tell you guys a story… I had to buy fast food for lunch while I was out, and I never end up eating all of it. So Jefferson smelled my leftovers and started begging M- for them. He was kissing all over his face to tell him that he loves him and “please, Daddy, give me Mommy’s food.” So I told Jefferson, I don’t know what you’re making a scene about to him when you know that they’re mine. So, I kid you not, he turns around and starts kissing on me to tell me that he loves me and he really wants my food. Isn’t that cute? He’s still not getting it! I don’t give in like M- does, but that’s a story for another day.


4 thoughts on “Graduation, Feeling Better, and Doggy Kisses

  1. Thank you very much, Leslie. They made me work for it lol! I was just so surprised at the recoup time for that kind of surgery. I’m used to abdominal surgeries, which don’t compare in the least! I also wanted to take the chance to say thank you for following my blog. Between the likes and/or comments, I always know you’ve been there. Not everyone does that (even me) and it is appreciated (maybe I aught to start). Anyway, thank you!


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