Bailey’s Surgery


Mama’s girl

I haven’t written a post in quite a while.  That leaves a lot of “living, loving, hope,” and writing to be done.  Why the reference to breast cancer month?  Because I love October and Breast Cancer Awareness.  Since pink just happens to be my favorite color, October and I usually get along pretty well.  Also, the weather starts to change and I LOVE fall/autumn.  I am going to write this post in two parts because it ended up being REALLY long when I put it together.  So, here is Thursday part one.

I do have one thorn in my heart right now that I will tell you about.  My dog Bailey started having trouble on Saturday night using the bathroom until by Sunday, she was unable to urinate at all.  I called the vet on Sunday, but I took her first thing Monday morning.  After some x-rays were done, they said that she did not have any bladder stones (I guess like kidney stones in humans) but that the size of her bladder was stretched to double regular size. The doctor did this procedure where he drained everything out of her bladder and then kind of ‘rinsed it out’.  He said that she had so many crystals in her bladder/urine that he couldn’t believe that none had completely formed yet.  He also said that with 35 years experience as a vet he had never seen a dog’s bladder stretched as bad as hers was and with so many crystals.  So, like Mother, like Daughter.  Doctors have never seen adhesions as bad as I have and now, doctors have never seen a bladder like Bailey’s.  Poor Bailey.  I know she must have been in so much pain.  Whenever my bladder fills up, the room it takes up and the adhesions that it pulls as it expands is usually what wakes me up every night.  I can only as bad as it hurts, though, I can only imagine how bad my baby was hurting.  I called this morning to see if she could go home, and they told me that yes, she could go home because she had been able to urinate on her own, but that the doc would want to talk to me.  So, I went to physical therapy and when I got out I went to pick up my baby girl!  They put me in a room, though because

Bailey last year for Halloween as a Lion

Bailey last year for Halloween as a Lion

the doctor wanted to talk to me.  When he came in he said that although he had seen her use the bathroom that morning, he had decided to do an x-ray to check just in case.  It turns out that she was not emptying her bladder…there was still a blockage.  So, his recommendation was to go ahead and do surgery.  He would go in and clean out her bladder and then she would be catheterized for a few days to allow the muscles around the bladder to rest and to hopefully shrink the bladder back down to size.  So, I agreed (this veterinary office has been the best I’ve ever used and they offer to let you make payments, therefore making the animal more important than the cash) and Bailey had surgery yesterday afternoon.  When I called later, they said that she got through the surgery just fine, but that it will be Monday before I can bring her home.  It breaks my heart that she’s not here, but I’m glad that she is being taken care of.


2 thoughts on “Bailey’s Surgery

    • Thank you. She’s a doll. She has the personality that “you are going to love me” and even with a stranger she will stay right up under you begging to be petted until you do pet her. I think she’ll be ok, I just want her home!!! I miss her and her sister and brother (although they don’t want to admit it) really miss her too 😉 )


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