Update 1- Waiting in Line

Ok, my pity-party is over.  I called the pharmacy, spoke to the owner ( yeah, it’s a mom and pop place-thats why I love it so much) anyway, so I talked to the owner about my circumstances .  i explained that luck put me having to renew a car tag 1week after knee surgery.  Living in this county he understood because he kinda laughed. Anyway, he agreed to let me put a down payment on my ‘thingie’ ( I refuse to say walker, so you guys are going to have to get used to ‘thingie’ plus, it has a seat and storage room for my purse that A walker doesn’t have) anyway, he has agreed to letting me put a down payment on it and then make two monthly payments. It’s till more than I can pay, but it will work out because God never gives us more than we can handle anyway”


2 thoughts on “Update 1- Waiting in Line

  1. Been thinking about you all afternoon ever since I read first post. I have some suggestions for how you might approach the issue of getting your doctors to do what needs to be done for thingie to be paid for with ins. At least you have a temp fix now and you might try my suggestions. I will type my thoughts and suggestions up for you tomorrow and email you. (I’ll be with you on your errands in spirit. Just remember that!!). As a Pain Pal, I’m up at this hour trying to manage my pain so I can function at work tomorrow. We have to stick together (pun intended) to get thru these challenges others are oblivious about. The battle is not over and we still have a good chance of getting thingie paid for/you reimbursed in the end. I’ll be sending you positive energy good thoughts and praying for a tolerable day for you. I’ll try to email you more tomorrow. Let us know how it goes! Hang in there you are warrior!!!


    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, I would appreciate that very much. I woke up with zero energy today (I misspent it yesterday evening) but after a cup of VERY strong coffee, I’m feeling better and about to head out. I’ll update again later.


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