Dear Drug Seekers,

This is a great post from The Bendy Belle @ I just wanted to share it with everyone. When I asked her about permission to share this, I told her that maybe one day I would have the courage to print up a couple of copies and anonymously mail them to some people I know. I understand that drug addiction as well as alcoholism are diseases, just like the ones we deal with every day. The point here is not to hurt innocent people in the pursuit of your high. There is a place where Belle says “and the people who really need it are just as terrified to ask for it.” And she’s right. Many people live in excruciating pain every day and are either afraid to ask for medication because of the funny looks and stares one receives beginning in the doctors office and continuing later at the pharmacy; or the doctor just refuses to write the script. I lived in a small southern town when my problems started. Problem was, adhesions don’t show up on X-rays or CAT scans. So I was hurting, but the doctors didn’t know why. One day I went to the doctors office with my “stomach” hurting. He looked at the chart and said to me “looks like you’ve been in here a few times.” I said “yes because the pain is still there”. He looks me up and down a couple of times and says ” well, there is absolutely nothing on any of these tests to explain your “pain” (and he did this fingers in quotation marks on the word pain for emphases) so, the only thing I can do for you is put you down on this list right here and get you a referral to a psychiatrist. Maybe they could help you more in that field of medicine”. I was furious because I knew I wasn’t crazy. And the “list” he mentioned was the drug seeker list. I didn’t want drugs, I wanted to know what was wrong with me. I finally went to my ob/gyn about it and before long he had it figured out. Now that I live in a bigger city there are more specialists to be able to diagnose when you have a problem. Even though the diagnosis comes faster, there are still doctors who refuse to write scripts for the medicine to relieve that pain. That experience I had will probably be in my mind forever. I still feel like I am doing something wrong by taking medicines that I need and this is why this letter is so important.


Living Bendy

Dear Drug Seekers,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for what you have managed to accomplish.  It really is somewhat of an amazing feat when you think about it.  You have managed as a group to have such an overwhelming effect on healthcare that impacts so many people in such a negative way, that I am certain there is now a special place in hell for all of you.

I know that alcoholism, and addiction is a disease.  I am more aware than most having lived with, and loved an alcoholic for a time in my life.  I have lost many friends to addiction, and have seen many battle it for years.  It is something that grips you, and does not want to let go. It destroys families, and lives.  I am more sympathetic than most to your disease.

However, I wish you could have kept your…

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