My “Babies”


I am home by myself most days. I get a peek at the real world when I have a doctors appointment or when I go grocery shopping, but that’s about it. Of course, there’s always TV, but there is no social interaction with the TV set. At least I speak to doctors and nurses and the check-out ladies at the store. However, that doesn’t really count. Yes, I know, I have a sad, sad life 😦 lol. Actually, I am happy with where my life is today. I am learning that all we are promised is right now-this moment. There is no guarantee that there will be a tomorrow, so why should I worry about it? But I am getting a little off subject here. I was talking about being alone. I just so happen to be one very lucky woman because I am never completely alone. I have three wonderful dogs who I share this life with. Each one has their own personality and they never fail to get me out of bed everyday (well, you know I do have to get up to open the door and let them out occasionally or it probably wouldn’t be a very pretty sight lol). First is Molly. She is a Beagle mix (not sure what she’s mixed with) that I adopted from a friend who had just graduated college and was off to take her first job as a graduate in Prague. Obviously she couldn’t take her dogs with her (and her ex-husband didn’t want them). So, I adopted Molly. She is the most like me. Very laid back and patient. She is so cute because a lot of times she will lie down and cross her two front paws as if she were crossing her legs. I say she’s just being prissy when she does it, but really she is my little princess (or she thinks she is anyway). Next is Bailey. She is actually Molly’s sister. So,what happened was that when my sister met Molly she fell in love with her (mostly because she was already housebroken) and said that she would adopt Bailey. Well, that lasted maybe two months before she let me know that she couldn’t handle her because she kept messing all over the place and she was supposed to be housebroken (my sister is a topic for another day – no, it would probably take more than one post to completely describe her – I spoke about her some in my previous post. Let’s just say that she is irresponsible and indolent and I will leave it at that). Well, I couldn’t really take her back because my friend was like packing already for her move. So, what happened to Bailey? She has been safe and sound here with us. Funny thing is that since she’s been with us she uses the bathroom outside like she’s supposed to. I don’t know why she acted up with my sister. Maybe she didn’t want to be there or maybe they forgot (or were too lazy) to take her out and a dog is going to use it wherever if you don’t take them out. So there they were, the sisters happy to be back together and keeping me company. Until one day M- comes home with a surprise for me. “Go out to the truck and look. The surprise in on the front seat.” I go outside and what do I find in the front seat of the truck? Just one of the most unique and beautiful puppies I have ever seen. He even has this birthmark (or just a patch of coloring) that looks just like a mushroom. I wanted to name him Hongo or Hongito which means mushroom or little mushroom in Spanish. Of course M- thought that was a lame dog name and decided that he should be named Jefferson. His argument was that he was born in Jefferson county, so he should be named after his birthplace. He has now decided that if we ever get another dog, it should be named Lincoln or Washington. Notice the connection? Anyway, M-got his way and we named the puppy Jefferson. That was over two years ago and my “baby” is all grown up. He thinks that he is the “man” of the house when M- is not here. M- bought him thinking that he was a pit bull, but the vet says that he is actually an American Staffordshire Terrier. A cousin to the pit bull, he looks like one but is shorter and stockier and has a much better temperament than pit bulls are believed to have. Of course, to the insurance company he is still considered a pit bull and therefore either denied me coverage or wanted to charge an arm or a leg. Either way, he is part of my family and is not going anywhere. But, again, I am off subject. Jefferson is quite a sight. He has sort of taken over the house. He is convinced that he is still little and a lap dog (yeah, 70-something pounds of lap dog when you hurt doesn’t work out that well. But he has learned to be gentle with me. Whenever the pressure of dealing with chronic pain gets to be too much to handle and I cry, he comes over and tries to lick the tears off my face. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion. So, like I said, I am never REALLY alone. I have three little ones who keep me company, give me the strength to get out of bed on days that I’m sure I can’t, and never fail to make me laugh.

P.S. (well, not exactly p.s. but completely new subject) My surgery is tomorrow morning. The general surgeon decided to opt-out and leave me with a hernia because he believes that it would be more dangerous to fix it. “In the future if it ever becomes a problem we will deal with it then” (yeah, because it is so much easier to do a whole other surgery than to fix it before it becomes a problem, right? Am I the only one who doesn’t understand this way of thinking?). So, my surgery will consist of going in and seeing if it is possible to remove any of the adhesions to relieve some of my pain. If it is too “messy” in there, then he said that he won’t risk removing the adhesions, but will take plenty of pictures which will hopefully help to get me in to see an adhesion specialist later. He is also going to be removing a uterine polyp and injecting something into my pelvic floor to try to help with the pain. Can you believe I am still not really nervous? Maybe it will hit me when I wake up at 4:00 am to get ready to go and I can’t take anything for my nerves (figures, right?). To top it all off, M-‘s nerves have kicked in. He is scared shitless. I guess that just proves how much he loves me, huh? And, it makes me angry with my sister all over again. I’ll be asleep and won’t care if she’s there or not. But M- is going to be doing the waiting and the worrying all by himself. It’s just not right. Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know and depending on how surgery goes depends on how long it takes me to post again. So, wish me luck.


9 thoughts on “My “Babies”

  1. Your dogs names are lovely! It’s wonderful you have them, pets are just incredible. I have had cats all my life, but at the moment i only have one cat. She’s my baby πŸ™‚

    You’re right, that kind of logic regarding your hernia doesn’t seem to make much sense. I’m not a doctor, but think it would be more logical to have it taken care of within your surgery tomorrow, instead of letting it possibly progress to worse and having a whole new surgery for it later. Doctors can be quite a pain to deal with…

    I hope the surgery is going to help and reduce your pain! I’m wishing you the best and good luck!


    • Thank you so much for your well-wishes. I am doing well and am already back home. You know the funny part, when I saw the Dr. before the surgery I told him about the other doctor deciding to opt-out. He laughed and said yes, the other Dr. had called and talked to him. Told him he was crazy for trying to operate on me. My Dr. just replied yes, I know. But, according to him he only missed my bowel by millimeters, so God was helping us both. Also, I wanted to let you know that I received your comment while I was still at the hospital and I think that made me appreciate it even more. Again, thank you.


      • Aww you’re welcome! Good to hear you’re home again and that you’re ok. I’m happy my wishes reached you when they were most needed πŸ™‚


    • Thank you. I am already back home. For all intents and purposes the surgery went well. The doc got pictures and a DVD, but was unable to remove any adhesions. Said it was a hot mess in there w/ bowel all over the place stuck tithe abdominal wall and said that instead of “bands” of adhesions there were “sheets”. He couldn’t see pas them and couldn’t find another clear place on the abdominal wall to make another cut to try to take them down. Said it will be up to an adhesion specialist now. Also said that this was only the second time he had seen adhesions that bad in his career. Lucky me! Anyway, thank you for your support. Oh, and feel free to pass me the contact info for your doctors “A” and “B”. One of them is in Ohio, right?


  2. Glad you came through the surgery alright. sorry about the adhesions, I know this pain all too well and now no one will operate on me to remove them because they keep saying they will just come back. Maybe they will, but the little bit of relief that I could get for any amount of time would be well worth it. I didn’t know they have adhesion specialists. Is that what they are actually called, because I need one of these? Last time the adhesions were attached to my intestines and drug my intestines over and attached them to the bottom of my stomach. I’ve had 11 surgeries, of which 9 have been in my abdomen. But, let me tell you, adhesions hurt like hell and it really sucks when no one will help you. Where did you find an adhesion specialist? Online? I wish you the best of luck and hope you can get someone to help you with this situation.


    • No, I don’t believe they carry a specialty, but they deal mainly with adhesion lysis surgeries for those of us the rest of the world can’t fix. It’s been a while since I researched them but I k ow there is one in California, one in Ohio, and one in Germany. Honestly I don’t remember how i found then before. Lots of trial and error with the word adhesions plus/minus other words and Google. One of my “blog friends” went to the one in California and a year out is doing well.


      • Thank you for the info. I’m in Kansas, so I will have to do some research on this matter. It’s hard to understand why these doctors want to wait until the adhesions strangulate your intestines or other organs before doing something about it before it happens. Go figure.


  3. I don’t know what I would do without my three four legged babies. Two of which are pit bull mixes, i certainly would not have made it through the past 8 months without them, I really think they have saved me from myself more than once during this time.

    I do a good deal of work with Bully rescues (pit bulls, stafordshires, dogo argentinos, and other bully breeds) here. Have you talked to statefarm about insurance? They are pretty good with pit bulls. Here is a list if it helps: State Farm –
    Farmers Insurance Group –
    United Services Automobile Association –
    Nationwide (only insures pit bulls with CGC certification) –
    Sunny SoCal Insurance Service (nationwide) –
    Lester Kalmanson Agency Inc. –
    Auto Owners Insurance Company –

    I hope surgery went well.


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