Family Frustrations


I said to myself last night “Self, try to be more positive in your posts or write about something other than your pain.” I did actually start to write about something else, but since it was late, and my medicines were making me sleepy, I had to save it for another day. Something happened, however, and I feel like if I don’t vent about it to someone I will explode! Who better to vent to than the world to give myself some peace. Ok, so here goes. My sister, who only lives an hours drive away, who doesn’t work, is “unable” to come to my surgery on Wednesday. I mean WTF? Do you know what is more important than whether her sister lives or dies in surgery (note: I am just being dramatic here because I have tried to fill my mind with only good thoughts for the past week and I’m not worried about dying, complications maybe, but not dying). It is more important for her to take someone else’s child and his attorney to an interview with the police. Hello??? If it was a major deal, wouldn’t they go pick the kid up wherever he happens to be and he would have to talk to them right then and there (well, as soon as an attorney showed up). This has been going on for well over 2 weeks. First week the attorney was going to be out of town. So they rescheduled. Second week, the detective was going to be out of town. So they rescheduled for this Wednesday. I told her for sure on the date last week. She would have had plenty of time to reschedule again. However, we are talking about my sister here. The one who was too lazy to take a dog outside to shit and then got mad when she would shit inside (and this was a housebroken dog – I know because I’m the one who had to keep the dog when she “couldn’t handle her anymore”… It’s been 4 years and the dog has always gone to the bathroom outside unless you stay gone all day and are unable to TAKE HER OUTSIDE). I would bet (and I am not the betting kind) that she never even called to try to cancel the stupid appointment. Whether it be for laziness or just because she doesn’t want to go. Oh, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, she tells me that M- left the $20 (M-‘s boss owes) her son (but that the boss forgot about so M- is paying) on the table, so she would just text me her account number and I could deposit it for him. Who cares about $20 at a time like this? First of all, I know for sure that M- had that $20 when he left because I handed it to him as he was leaving because I felt too bad to go. Second, I know M- and I bet he just said that he didn’t have it because he is pissed that she isn’t going. He has never understood how she is the way she is with me. The first surgery I had after we started seeing each other, my sister came long enough for me to get out of surgery and then left (all while living AN HOUR AWAY). His family came from another country and stayed two weeks to make sure that I was ok before heading back home. See the difference? Anyway, I promise to have a more upbeat post next time, but geez – REALLY?


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