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Hopefully everyone read the post “About Adhesions” because it will help you to better understand what I am writing today. A few things have happened that I wanted to update everyone on.

My pelvic pain doctor had told me when I first started seeing him about three years ago that as good of a surgeon as he was, he didn’t believe that he was good enough to operate on me. My case was just too complicated. But he also spent 45 minutes with me that first visit talking with me, listening to me, and going over my surgical records. He was the first doctor to ever tell me that He knew exactly why I was hurting. Even after telling me that he would rather not operate he still let me know that we would try as many other things as he could to control the pain without surgery. I still thank God every day for my doctor. He is the only person (not online) that completely understands what I’m going through. After years of trying to “manage the pain” with medication, procedures, and physical therapy, I decided that it was high time for someone to go in and do something about it. I tried about a year and a half ago to send my medical records to a group of surgeons in Atlanta who are supposed to be the best at laparoscopic surgery but – their specialty is endometriosis. For this reason ( I don’t have endometriosis) and because there is apparently too much bowel involvement (too many adhesions on my bowels) I was turned down as a patient. They weren’t the first. I also went to an oncologist because they are also supposed to be good at detail oriented surgery (which is what I need) and was told that he worked with cancer, not adhesions (insert big DUH! here). So recently I found another doctor in my area claiming on his website to be the end all know all in gynecological surgery. Let me add here that he is French. Not that it matters, but later it will be easier on me to refer to him as the french doctor and for you guys to know who I’m talking about. He saw me and let me know in no uncertain terms (after not looking at the medical records I brought) that my problem must be gastrointestinal and that I was not his problem. I asked him how he would know who’s problem I was if he hadn’t looked at the records and didn’t know me other than a (very short and not very thorough) exam. I was so mad when I left there and so offended. I couldn’t believe how rude the guy was. So at this point I made an appointment with my doctor, the one I told you about at the beginning. I was angry. Angry that he could do the surgery and wouldn’t. Angry that I had had to be humiliated like I had been by the french doctor and angry that if he couldn’t do the surgery then why wasn’t he finding me someone who could. Did I mention that I was angry? Well of course after seeing me every couple of months for three years I didn’t have to tell my doctor that I was angry. I told him everything I had gone through with the medicine mistakes at my pain clinic, the rudeness of the french doctor I went to for a second opinion who told me I wasn’t his problem and then I asked him to please just try to get some of the adhesions out. I told him that I thought three years of being patient and trying other options was long enough. He kind of laughed as he said that he was going to quit saying “never”. He had several other patients that had been given the “you’re someone else’s problem” line one too many times and he agreed to try. He told me that I was well aware of the risks of another surgery and that all he was promising to do is to go in and look around. If he can cut 100% of the adhesions he would, but if it was too “messy” in there and all he could get is 1% safely then that would be all he would do. But at least he agreed to try! Then he did a pelvic exam (same one the idiot french doctor did) and found a polyp on my cervix. Did the other doctor really not know it was there or was it just one more reason that I was a complicated patient that he didn’t want to waste his time with? My doctor said that he would biopsy it during my surgery.

Turns out that the same day as my appointment with my gyno ( the good doctor) I had a CAT scan done by the gastroenterologist to find out why my stomach is swollen 3 times its normal size. Seriously, I look like I’m pregnant and I’m not. At first I thought that the adhesions were pulling on the intestines and trying to cause a blockage. So a week later we get the results back and it turns out I have a hernia. I know that it sounds completely insane to say that I was glad that that’s what it was, but It is a lot easier to fix than if it were the adhesions. So, now that needs surgical intervention too. The good thing is that the surgeries can be done at the same time an maybe since the other surgeon will be there, between the two of them they can clean up some of the mess I have inside. Part of me is not worried about the upcoming surgery- I mean I’ve had enough that it’s nothing new to me. The other part of me is scared to death because I know that the hernia changes things. The risk of complications has literally doubled and I’m worried that one day my luck will run out and I won’t wake up from surgery feeling better than I did going in. Only time will tell. Surgery is tentatively scheduled for August 28 depending on the availability of the general surgeon. Wish me luck everyone!


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Surgery

  1. Oh how I hate pompous and ill informed doctors! I’ve been “dismissed” by a few…having been told “its just too messy in there”, “its too big a risk”, “you need this type of doc or that type of doc”, I have left more doc offices in tears in the past 8 years, than most people even see in a lifetime. I am praying your upcoming surgery gives you some relief. No one gives me any hope of a good outcome from surgery, so for now, I’m just gonna make do with the pain and zero digestion that’s been my status quo for awhile now…take my meds, drink my ensure, do what I can when I can and just live…maybe someday, someone will come up with a better surgical technique for people like us whose bellies looks like a grenade has gone off inside at some point…frozen abdomen…makes me feel like some weird ice person…lol. You’re in my prayers deary! Take your laptop and keep us informed!


    • I love that “frozen abdomen”. I’ve just been saying I feel like I’m turning into stone from the inside out, but I think “frozen abdomen” sounds more intriguing lol! Anyway, no promises have been made yet. The gyno only promised to go in and look to see how bad the adhesions really are (all he has to go on are surgical reports from other docs) and then he’ll decide. I see the general surgeon on the 19th and I am praying that he will agree to fix the hernia. That’s what’s been causing my eating problems. I did want to ask you, though, could you give me a list of some foods that you are banned from and the ones that you can actually eat. Maybe go back to when you started having trouble because I REALLY don’t want to have to blend everything. I have thought about ensure to get some protein because meat is starting to become a problem and beans are out of the question. Other than that everything seems to be processing as well as can be expected considering the “kink in the hose”. Any suggestions?


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