Good day


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I had a good day today. Before I get into details, you have to understand that many days I spend in bed because the only way to get some relief from my pain is to lie in a fetal-like position. I know that doing that does nothing to help my muscles (my physical therapist has told me a thousand times) but some days that is really all I can do. Today I woke up, got dressed, and went to run a couple of errands. I came back home and resumed my fetal position for about an hour or so, but then got up and washed two loads of clothes. That in itself would be good, but it gets better! Later on this afternoon I got back up and dressed, put on my “happy face” (my “everything’s ok” face) and went to the store. No, I didn’t want to go, but I told myself a couple of things to get me going: 1) I need to eat and there is no food; 2) if I don’t go, I won’t have coffee in the morning (that could almost be considered a sin 😉); and 3) it may hurt, but it does my body good to get out and about for a while. So, I go to the store for a week’s worth of groceries, come back home and……..wait for it………COOK SUPPER! It was only spaghetti, which is pretty quick to fix (I cheated and bought spaghetti sauce because my garden tomatoes aren’t ready yet), but the point is that I only rested for about 5 minutes from the time I finished putting everything away until I started cooking. By the time I was finished however, I was hurting too bad to eat. I took one of my pain pills ( the ones that I hate by the way, have I mentioned that?) and fell asleep (that would be one of the reasons I don’t like them). I finally ate supper around 10:30.

The point is, though, that I did it. And I’m proud of myself and I hope this means that the RF (radio frequency) treatment is going to work. (I also did something ELSE 😍 last night…it’s been a WHILE! Usually the pain comes the next day (at least I can enjoy it while it’s happening) but I’ll just have to wait and see how it goes. I have a “everything’s ok” face for that too. If my face is all twisted up in pain the next day he sees it as being his fault and the brakes are slammed on for an indeterminate amount of time – probably long enough for him to forget the look of pain from “‘the day after”. He is a good man and doesn’t like the thought of hurting me.

So, that was my day. Maybe tomorrow will be a good one too 🙂


2 thoughts on “Good day

  1. I’m playing catch up on blogs I read! Still loving yours! Its like reading about my own life I swear! lol…I have those occasional days where I can do more than one or two things…usually the next day or more is really bad after, but once in awhile I actually get away with it!


    • Thank you so much for continuing to read. It’s sad to think that someone is hurting as bad and in the same way as you, but for me, knowing you’re out there validates the way I feel. Does that make sense? I guess when you hear enough times that the pain is all in your head that little voice stays in the back of your brain saying “aw, there’s nothing wrong with you, get up GET UP!” but as soon as you do you sit up, you can feel every muscle in your body yelling “NO!”


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