Day 1

I have to admit that the thought of writing a blog is very scary to me. You know, 1,001 thoughts about how no one will read it, or how will mine be different, ect. are running through my mind right now. However, I asked myself one day “if God wants me here in this crazy life I find myself in, it must be to help someone.” So, here goes – my attempt to help others by sharing my story.

I am currently 31 years old and have been diagnosed with adhesion disorder. I live life around doctors visits and tests and when I can or cannot get out of bed. Many things that people take for granted like cleaning their house and doing the dishes and laundry I am a lot of times unable to do. I WISH I could do those things. I will try to write more as I build up some confidence (I don’t have a lot of that right now either) and as I try to figure out how to tell a story as long and complicated as mine.


3 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Everytime someone with adhesions writes about their story, someone out there reads it and relates or learns from it! It doesn’t matter if only 10 people read it…those 10 people get something out of it! So many have no clue what having adhesions covering your innards can do to you….its up to us to educate them I think, so that in the future it maybe easier for others to get diagnosed or helped…Your story so closely mirrors mine, I can tell you that just reading it and knowing you understand how I feel has helped me immensely! So you keep writing!


    • You know, that was the whole reason I wanted to start this blog. So many people have never even heard of adhesions and by calling it scar tissue, they think “well hell, I have a bunch of scars all over me and they don’t hurt”. People don’t realize the damage they do inside. Also, many more people suffer from it than are diagnosed. Anyway, thanks for your support for my writing. I know we are doing the right thing by telling the world about it. You have helped me too. At least now I can say that there is at least one person in the world who knows how I feel. I didn’t have that before and I definitely felt alienated. Not any more. I am here wishing you more of the “good days”. 😉


  2. I too suffer from adhesions! I can say that I have been one of the lucky ones that has found some relief. Check out my blog here:
    I haven’t updated in a while, but it is on my to-do list!
    It is so nice to know that others are out there that understand what you are going through. I wish you healing and understanding! Take care – I look forward to reading more of your blog


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